Jaz's June Bug Out Fat Mixtape...

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What's good people (from everywhere gathering around....)

First of all my utmost gratitude to all of you ill kids that have been asking for and giving very positive feedback on the last fat mixtape...from the UK to France, to the US to Germany...to all over... and to my man Triple D and Hooker 1 for some much appreciated hook ups.

The DJ Mark The 45 King piece is in the process stages and I'm looking forward to getting it out there, also I'd like to send out a very special thank you to Hitman Howie Tee and his anonymous protege for kindly hitting me up on the comments page and by e-mail...

It was my pleasure Howie and it just makes this blog shit all worth it.

So in the meantime (I always think of Black Sheep when I say that...ha ha) here is another fat mixtape, to be honest I am aware that some of these
tracks have featured on other mixtapes over the years and you might have heard some of these already...but if not...please enjoy and I was thinking about doing a shout out list...but you know who you all are...and you are the reasons I keep doing this blog so I can pass on what I know and introduce you to some dope joints you may not have heard before.

and it goes a little something like this...

1-Edan-Rap Beautician (2001)
Produced by Edan
off the Home (Boston Underground Hip Hop CD)

The intelligent, psychedelic madness that is Edan The Humble Magnificent...is one of rap's greatest artists and producers, he is never afraid to take chances and makes that fresh ill 80's and 90's sounding Hip Hop.

Edan cares about the culture and he should hurry up with a new album, Beauty and The Beat was incredible and will still f--k kids heads up 10-20 years from now.

This dope joint is from a great CD I picked up in 2001 and also had Insight, Ed OG, Reks, Krumb Snatcha, OVM, Raw Produce, Chan and others, I love how compressed Edan's drums are on this and that LL Cool J sample, the dusty loop and scratches makes this in my humble (magnificent) opinion one of his greatest ever tracks.

Record button warlord indeed...

2-Black Madness-Igpay Atinlay (1993)
Produced by DJ Joe Quixx
off the Igpay Atinlay/Two Tears in A Bucket 12" (1993)

This was one of those joints that was just fat and would sound good in clubs and on stereos and of course in the Walkman (with Xtra Bass Boost ha ha), a kind of what the f...? track because it was too MC's, Blackman and Madd Poet from Flatbush, Brooklynnnnnnnnnn no less and on a pig latin tip...but it worked.

Joe Q hooked up a hype drum loop, simple horns and a very 90's bassline, it was indeed a great party jam and would still rock clubs today...this Jam is...

Word...Black Madness released another single Wild Brooklyn Bandits in 1993 and then sadly vanished.

The crazy ill rap magazine collector Slurg put up this article of the duo...

3-Diff Productionz-Skinz (Remix)(1995)
Produced by Dow Brain and Brad Young

A very special Thank You to the Crates of AG for this one, I actually missed this 12" the first time around (stupidly I ordered only 2 copies when I worked in a record store) and never saw it again, finding it online again was enough for me, as soon as this reaches my speakers or headphones I think of the year 1995 and love the feel good sound overall

The remix is much better than the original and you will be signing that hook in no time...

Street Poets were yet another talented Boston crew.

Picture from http://www.george-dubose.com

4-King Sun-You Don't Know Me (1999)
Produced by Kenny Dope
off the Come and Get Me 12"

Released on little known independent record label Pride, this was the King still showing that at the end of the ninety-dec (90's decade) he could still hold it down.

I found it interesting that Kenny Dope after years of producing House records and many other genres could still lace King Sun with a raw string filled and bass heavy track.

I don't really know a lot about this cut to be honest and I have no idea when it was actually recorded,it doesn't matter I am just really pleased to find this and never thought I would ever would.

We need King Sun around these days to teach these kids what real battling and rhyming means.
Sun Dullah's My Space page

5-Madstyle-Run (1993)
Produced by Frankie Cutlass
off the Run 12" and Bloodrush LP

Ahhhh the 90's, when everything was Fat or Phat, Slammin' and kids were Catching Wreck but mostly it was the decade when Hip Hop had Mad, Styles,Flow, Lyrics, Skills, Flavour etc...and Madstyle were probably only destined for one album, but Bloodrush was a good album and still holds up today.

Run was the first single and samples a legendary Old School Rap crew who once claimed there is none higher ;D
Madstyle dropped a hard hitting single with the jazz drums section of the infamous Bob James's Nautilus that Large Pro first used for Live at The BBQ' and the same section of horns that Showbiz used for Party Groove while the MC's delivered rhymes in an aggressive tone...but that was the Madstyle.

6-Us Plus One-Gettin' Lyrical (1995)
Produced by True Da Grynch (Evil Twins)
off the Gettin Lyrical/Poets Get Lyrical 12"

Busssssshhhhhhwiccckkkkk...another jewel that I first heard on that DJ Backspin mixtape I often talk about, Gettin Lyrical is pure Brooklyn, hard as hell drums, ill horns, a speaker shattering bassline and piano keys popping up every now and then.

U.P.O. (Mr Barbarian, Quik Da Barbarian,Flip Flop Popcorn and Dead Eye), these kids were down with 5ft of Black Moon and after 5 and Buckshot had a fallout they refer to Buck as a B.A.N.

honestly wish I had more information about this and the old Internets isn't helping much...I do know that they released Murder Me in 1996 and then vanished.

7-Craig G-Shootin The Gift (Remix) (1989)
Produced by Marley Marl
off the Shootin The Gift 12"

It is very sad news that the great Marley
* had a heart attack on the 6th June 2007 and I wish him a full recovery, It will be a very depressing day in Hip Hop when we lose Marley but thankfully he is still with us and I want all of you that read this to go out and buy the dope KRS ONE & Marley Marl Hip Hop Lives album.

This remix made the LP version pale in comparison, full of horn and drum samples from the late, great James Brown and some ill cowbells in the mix, topped off with Craig's smooth flow and a Big Daddy Kane vocal sample...listening to this again made me think, wow...imagine if Craig G's-The Kingpin LP was like this.

Kingpin was honestly a bit of a disappointment for a first album, but I guess when they recorded it, Hip House was still popular and they wanted to cover a lot of bases, still there are some dope tracks on the album.

8-Greyson and Jasun-No Shortz (1991)
Produced by Vance Wright
off the Get Bizzy 12"

This dope Non LP cut was on the 12" of Get Bizzy and uses the infamous The Power (Chill Rob G) cowbells sample and a simple James Brown guitar lick...along with dope horns for the breakdown and a well fitting Rakim sample, if you enjoyed the Sweatin Me Wet album you will know what to expect a super duper Thank You to raredave from DWG for this goodie.

9-Leaders of The New School-Shining Star (1991)
Produced by Backspin
from the Strictly Business soundtrack

I have always though that this was an incredible use of James's Get On The Good Foot, this cut was off the soundtrack to a movie I don't think I ever saw (Strictly Business) and it's a shame not a lot of people have heard it...

Some of you rap nerds (b-b-b-be proud of who you areeeeeeee....ha ha) will notice that they also used this sample for the intro of 1993's T.I.M.E. album, but this track is great... all of the Leaders are on top notch form and this should have been released as a 12" with Grand Puba's Fat Rat on the B-Side (also on this soundtrack)

10-Unanimous Decision-Bomb Diffusal (1992)
Produced by
Unanimous Decision
off the Rap Sings The Blues EP

I remember getting a dub (a copy of a recorded cassette) off a dope mix of UK Hip Hop and it had a track by this crew called U.D....it was Strictly Dope and I always looked in record stores for them but that was all of the info I had so I never found anything else...until this year.

Thanks to DDD and his amazing collection, I got the Rap Sings The Blues EP and I love it, released in 1992 on Kold Sweat records.

I still find it hard to fathom that this was from 1992 because damn these kids were on point, that Spanish guitar loop running through Bomb Diffusal is just ill and I love the drums and the flows of each MC, I am also very curious about who they were taking shots at on this...I am guessing fake gangsters.

Listen closely and you will here them diss some artist that was on Capitol records...are there any Old School Hip Hop heads that know?

11-Grandaddy I.U.-Something New (Remix) (1990)
Produced by Cutmaster Cool V
off the Something New 12"

I always wanted to hear the IU and Big Daddy Kane do a duet together it would have been a pimped out affair but with dope rhymes and metaphors...

Cutmaster Cool V's remix uses the drums from Kool & The Gang's-N.T., speeds them up a little and adds compression and a sample and a dope sample, while I U flows on and Biz Markie does his crazy sing song steez to great effect.

I like this a lot more than the LP version and if you haven't check that Smooth Assassin LP...then what are you waiting for?, hard to believe this is over 17 years old...

Drayz and Skoob with Stretch Armstrong

12-Das EFX-Real Hip Hop (Remix)(1995)
Produced by PMD
off the Real Hip Hop 12"

Without a doubt diggedy Das EFX's 2nd best album was Hold It Down and this 12" inch and album joint was originally produced by DJ Premier and remixed by Pete Rock, Solid Scheme and PMD.

PMD's remix was exactly what you would expect
a muddy and rumbling bass, Joe Tex drums (used on the original) and just the signature hardcore funk from the Mic Doc, it's not classic or brilliant but it's solid and sounded more '92 than it did '95, it's a shame that the hundreds of Das biters actually ended the career of the originators, as a longtime fan though I do believe that they have one more dope album in them.

13-Sid & B-Tonn-Deathwish (1990)
Produced by Sidney Reynolds
off the Deathwish 12" (1990)

Another joint that is over 17 years old and a duo that had promise but never released an album, using a classic Eddie Kendricks sample (also used by Raheem and EPMD), a Chuck D vocal (guess which one?)smooth cuts (yes of JB) and a vocal tone similar to PMD...I always enjoyed this and the remix.

Sid was Sidney Reynolds and also produced for Nikki-D,Slick Rick and Queen Latifah, I'm not sure what he does these days though.

14-TFS-The Bop Step (Mix Phade Remix) (1992)
Produced by
Flashback and Relay
off the The Bop Step 12"

Another remix I had searched for many, many years for ending up getting on vinyl and mp3 (good looking RHHB) in the same week...say word!, a super dope remix as well and sounded completely different from the original album version.

Sporting fat drums,a bassline you could hum for days and some great horns, Flashback and Relay bounce rhymes off each other like an early EPMD...and I have always thought it was a shame that we never got The Whole Shebang Volume 2...oh well you can't have it all.

15-Alphabet Soup-Uncle Sam 1st Draft (1991)
Produced by Yasin Gregg
off the A Sunny Day in Harlem EP (1991)

A Sunny Day in Harlem got a lot of good feedback and I had to give you some more, again these kids were too ill for words and this joint rides on some fast Five Stairsteps (I think) drums, horns and breaks down into other beats (kind of like LONS used too).

I feel that this EP should be re-released because I know a lot of todays kids would dig the authentic style and production techniques and the lyrics are message based...dope anti-war lyrics on this one and check the LL Cool J and Jungle Brothers vocal samples that make up the hook and the ill whistle at the ending of the track.

More of the 'Soup on the next mixtape...:D

16-The Inviseez-Haagen Daj (1994)
Produced by Mark Sparks
off the
Haagen Daj 12" (1994)

If Natalie Portman was an ice cream she would be the most delicious flavour of ice cream there ever was and this joint here shows that Wu weren't the first rap artists to compare Women to flavours of ice cream...word son.

The Inviseez also known as The Invisible Men released this jewel in 1994 when East Coast was all about fat drums, horns, basslines and crispy bacon samples...to be honest I only ever had this on a tape and the quality was poor, so to have it rocking through my speakers 13 years later just makes me appreciate it that much more.

Released on Henchmen records with the B-side cut being Gotta To Be Real and their only 12"...highlight of this cut is when the MC goes "she said "I'm marrrrrrieeeddddddddd...I'm a librariannnnnnn...."

A super dupa shout out to DDD for the hook up...much appreciated bro...:D

17-Top Choice Clique-Push It Past Red (1995)
Produced by Gemini and
Top Choice Clique
off the Push It Part Red 12"

Yep, the ill Boston crew that hit us off with the classic Piece of Mind wayback (oh wayback) in 1989, released this in 1995, it's not classic but it's still a solid slice of Boston 90's Hip Hop and deserves to be heard, they released this 12" with a with another version of
Push It Past Red and Survival

The Video

18-Showbiz and AG-Fat Pockets (Radio Remix Version)(1992)
Produced by
off the Fat Pockets 12" (1992)

Early DITC in full f--king effect kid, I noticed that a lot of kids at You Tube have been commenting on the classic track and video and I sent an mp3 to one user who said he had never had this version, this in turn led to other e-mails thanking me for the hook up...all good babypah.

A very dope remix, those horns are so ill and the drums oh Man, I even enjoy the lyrics changed for radio because changing "when I'm large, hoes give me head on an escalator to smile at me on an escalator you can't help but chuckle, but it's the production and Show (I never understood why he gave up the mic) and AG's flows are timeless on this...it's no wonder they used this version for the video...see if you can spot a Lakim Shabazz cameo...


19-Yaggfu Front-Left Field (Remix) (1994)
Produced by Yaggfu Front & Greg The Muthafu*kin Man
off the Left Field 12" (1994)

I have always had a soft spot for the Yagffu, they had great beats and character and were one of the first North Carolina crews to make a name for themselves...and put their city on the map, long, long before 9th Wonder and The Justus League, this remix has some crispy bacon, head nodding drums and mellow keys...with dope and honest rhymes "I should be swimming in all the lovely Women... but yo I'm not"...how many MC's would have the balls to day that these days?...a dope remix from a dope crew.

Yaggfu's Blog

20-The Nonce-Bus Stops (Token & A Transfer Remix) (1995)
Produced by
The Nonce-
off the Bus Stops 12"(1995)

It is still very sad that the talented West Coast artist Yusef Afloat took his own life over 7 years ago (he wasn't murdered as some media reported) but it's great that we can still remember him through the dope music he made with his MC partner Sach (Nouka Basetype), this chil, lights down low, blunts being passed around remix was just smooth and I found it a perfect way to end off this mixtape...I hope you do as well.

and you know what to do if you want the link of this latest one...


*Marley Marl, from myself and a lot of kids in New Zealand we wish you a full recovery and that we are very glad that you didn't leave us.

Peace party people I- I- I- see ya later...
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