Pete Rock...Is In The House...

Hailing from the Mecca, Money Earnin Mount Vernon, the Incredible Peter Phillips aka Pete Rock has blessed Hip Hop with classic and timeless production, radio shows and remixes since 1989, but apart from the dope blog Sentenza

Why is there not a forum dedicated to discuss Pete Rock's great beats and the hundreds and hundreds of artists he has produced and remixed for?.

Well guess what kids?...three ill kids and crazy PR fanatics, one from New Zealand, (ozdust) and two from the United States (illest 22 & magnifik) have put their heads together like the O'Jays and proudly bring to you...

Pete Rock-"The SP Years"

Here you have THE forum for all things Pete Rock and once you get to 30 Posts, you will get access to the VIP Room and this will be very lucrative for die hard me...(my lips are sealed).

If you are a Pete Rock fan (and honestly how could you not be?)...this forum is for YOU.

Please come on in, sign up, introduce yourself in the Executive Lounge and talk with fellow fans and rap nerds.

As Pete would say...
Ahh yeahh!! feel the funk bay-beeee!!




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