Re Write: Jaz and Elite Net Prophets Present Da True Defintion of Raw-R.I.P. DJ Przm

I was very fortunate to receive an e-mail from one of Przm's best friends, longtime music partner and former roommate...

DJ Pos2 (Spitball, Fonosluts) and he has helped me with so much information that I thought it was only right to make the correct changes...because well the Internet is forever and a teaching tool (for the most part) and it's important.

Christopher Sheffield a.k.a DJ Przm aka Mr Nervous sadly passed away in June, 2007 of Heart complications from a longtime condition he had suffered from, DJ Pos2 told me that Chris wasn't even supposed to live past Three years of age but he made it to 36 and that was an incredible feat in itself.

An incredible feat was exactly what Chris was, a well loved DJ especially at Bernies which is a Columbus Hip Hop icon.

DJ Przm was born in Detroit but moved to Columbus when he was young and was a unique, raw and ill beatmaker, MC, contributor and from all of the forums I have read, a much loved individual that looked out for everyone and will be very missed like another Columbus legend that passed in 2006, Daymon Dodson a.k.a. So What?

The Polo rocking Przm's production was just some of the illest hardcore dirty funk you would ever hear, his hard drums were usually laced with eerie samples and deep, muddy basslines that would make speakers tremble, but the talent he would use to catch wreck (I'm bring that back ha ha) over his beats were just as dope as he was.

From what DJ Pos2, Elite_Net_Prophets and Funky D told me

DJ Przm released 5 CD's in the span of a year in a few months and those CD's were

The Letter People (
Przm, Metro, and Flip Da Urban Kiwi) *

3MS (Three Member Structure) (Przm, Feast/Dro & Eclypse)-Sick, Senile, Crazy & Dead Fan Humor

Spitball*-The Last Straw

Spitball was basically everybody in Columbus who was dope. that's how it started out. everybody would come over to przms house and just kick it...then start recording shit to pass time. so it was nothing to come over and see camu, copy, jakki, blueprint, iilogic, and the masses of talented mc's in columbus over there just kicking it. then as everybody did their own thing and we moved away from the campus area, it trickled down to bru lei, eclypse, przm... then me and dj bombay dj'd the shows.

DJ Przm-Presents The Flim Flam

Which was Chris's solo album and during the time he recorded all of these he also laced the beats for Phizz Ed's solo album.

During the years 2001-2007, DJ Przm produced for SA Smash (Metro & Camu Tao), Eddie Meeks, Spitball, Meta4ce Omega,Camu Tao,Illogic, Jakki Da Motamouth,Copywrite and others, Pos2 told me that there were sessions with Jakki & Copywrite known as Foulmouf Dux and that he has some of this material and some of his DJ Przm favourites at his my space page.

Pos2 also shared the information that established artists were after Przm's beats and that...
i got stories for days about people running up to him begging for beats that are established artist. but with his condition, it just made it difficult for him to be motivated.
The following was sent to me from

Funky D

Hey man, Dope writeup on Przm on your site. Being a Columbus hip-hop head, it's truly amazing to see a tribute from a man in New Zealand! I would like to hear the comp you mention on your site, so if you could send me the link, I'd be much obliged. FYI - So What was not an alias of Przm. So What, aka Daymon Dodson, was another Columbus hip-hop icon who passed away last August. It has been a sad year for Columbus hip-hop. You're not alone - Hiphopsite ran a news story on Przm's death and had a picture of Daymon up until Blueprint wrote them an email to correct them. I wanna say that Phizz Ed is another person too (not an alias), but I'm not sure and I'd have to check with the older types around town for that. Thanks again for your article


Foster G

Peace brother. PRZM (Chris) was a friend of mine for about the last 7 years. I'd appreciate if you could forward info on how to get the PRZM mixtape. Also, below, I included some words I said about my man in a bulletin on MySpace. Thanx, and stay up.

To those that knew him, PRZM (Fonosluts, 3MS, Spitball) passed away Sunday June 10th, 2007, reportedly of heart complications. I hadn't seen him since Scribble Jam 2005 (along with Daymon, also R.I.P.), I believe, so the news of his passing, and knowing we won't hang out again on this plain hits me rather hard. PRZM was my man; I enjoyed all of his music, both production and vocal, and I thought given the proper outlet that he could have a heightened profile in the music scene.

I first became familiar with him through Kev Beacham's Time Travel show, on which I was co-host, back in 2000-2001. We were checking hard for MHz at the time, and had even took a trip out to Columbus for the Atoms Family/Weightless showcase at Bernie's. Through MHz, particularly Jakki, I was introduced to the music of 3MS, and then to PRZM himself. Dude had a project with Jakki and Copywrite called Foul-Mouthed Ducks that I remember hearing a few tracks from.

It seemed like Columbus had such a strong scene back in the early 00's, one that made me think of what Chicago could be without all the crew divisions. Anyway, I wound up putting Prz, Lozone, and Pos 2 up at my place overnight when Spitball came in for a show at Sub-T in like 2000. It was hilarious because I didn't have a couch at the time, and these cats had to bunk it on the air mattress. We all built a friendship, and I regret not keeping in contact with these dudes like I should have over the last few years.

I knew about PRZM's heart, but he never moaned about it, and it never affected his rhyming or overall music making, as far as I could tell. I hadn't heard anything new from him in a few years, but I do know that he finally had the opportunity to do work on my man Dan's crew LP, Giraffe Nuts. I think I put these two up with each other, so I was really happy to hear about the collabo.

I will be on the hunt for any PRZM joints I don't currently have, and he will be dearly missed. Peace, brother.

This is the letter that Blueprint distributed after Chris's death.

I am writing to inform everyone of the passing of my friend and fellow Columbus musician, DJ Przm. He passed Sunday June 10th in Sacramento, CA. I met Przm in 1999 when we first started putting out greenhouse effect and illogic tapes when he started up a local hip-hop night on sundays in Columbus, OH with his DJ crew the Fonosluts (w/ DJ Pos2 and Lozone). What started out as something small ended up being the longest running and most successful hip-hop night in the history of Columbus hip-hop. Prior to Bernies there were no places to play and bernies gave each of us a chance to play in front of receptive crowds and compete in some of the most fierce open mics I've ever seen. From the MHz (Copywrite, Camu, Jakki, RJD2), to Weightless (myself, greenhouse Effect, and Illogic), to Stronghold, to Phife Dog, to Thirsten Howell, bernies was the only place to be for underground hip-hop in Columbus, and DJ Przm (who started the night w/o even owning any turntables or mixer) was at the forefront of that. He put out a series of records from 1999 to 2002 that although were not nationally distributed and limited in pressing made him and his crew (Spitball,Fonosluts, & 3MS) the most popular in the scene at the time. He was an amazing Dj and was the first Dj I ever took on the road with me in 2002 when i started touring. He, Illogic, and I had so many good times that it's hard to know where to begin, but in terms of rocking shows, since Przm was a Dj, Emcee, producer, and beatboxer of the highest level--he was able to make any show live and able to make the best out of any bad situation. He was the kind of guy who would laugh at me having a meltdown about a bad show and never took things too seriously. Przm was also a killer party DJ, who could kill crowds with anything from booty house to classic hip-hop. He truly was a throwback to the era when emcees did more than just emcee, they practiced and sought to perfect every aspect of the hip-hop. In addition to the production work he did with his Spitball crew, he produced and EP for Illogic (Off the Clock), SA Smash ("Smash TV"), Copywrite, Supastition, and the most recognizable beat of his career, "Hold The Floor" for Camu Tao (def jux). DJ Przm single-handedly defined the grimey, lo-fi sound of Columbus hip-hop. Throughout his life, Przm had health issues surrounding his heart, and had moved to the west coast over a year ago in hopes to speed up the process of getting a heart transplant. Please spread the word to all that knew of DJ Przm and his work. He will be sorely missed.

Please check this link from Antonio's blog, it's a very dope interview with DJ Przm from 2006


The Compliation:

Jaz & Elite Net Prophets Presents-DJ Przm-Da True Definition of Raw (R.I.P.)

1. metro -
nonsense !*
2. phizz ed -
if you are what you eat!*
3. illogic -
4. 3ms -
5. mr nervous ft jakki & copywrite -
hmmm brilliant
6. dj przm -
fuck rap
7- 3ms-
dead fan humor
8- spitball feat. jfk manifest and zero star -
no back up
9. copywrite-(o.h.)
ten times
10. jakki the motamouth-
11. 3ms-
12. spitball-
rockin it
13. eddie meeks-
sasquatch feet
14. so what-
dumb bastards*
15. 3ms
-beats to the rhyme
16. bagadonuts-
psgetti and spitballs*
17. 3ms ft bru-
18. 3ms ft camu tao-
scare you, kill you
19. camu tao-
hold the floor
20. illogic-
ill rediculous
21. 3ms-


if you would like this...

*The 3MS material on the compilation was taken from the Dead Fan Humor CD.

*The Spitball material was taken from the Rockin It EP (2004) and Welcome To Spitsville EP (2006)
Spitball also released a limited edition CD titled The Last Straw

*Eddie Meeks track is from his 2006 LP, After This I'll Holla...

*Illogic tracks are from Off The Clock EP & DJ Przm Presents The Flim Flam

*Camu Tao's "Hold The Floor" was from the Def Jux Vol 2 LP

*3MS-"Frontin" was the first released use of the beat used for "Hold The Floor"

A very special Thank You to all who contributed to this dedication post and for all of the e-mails and comments regarding this post also

R.I.P. DJ Przm and Thank You, Hip Hop will never forget you.



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