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I have actually have owned this really dope Hip Hop/Reggae compilation twice and both times they were stolen, only just 2 weeks ago I finally found it again and I'm so pleased about it that I wanted to share it and make like Ed OG & Da Bulldogs and Def Jef and Speak Up On It.

Produced by the legendary Bobby Konders


NYC Badmen represents the Golden Age of when Hip Hop and Reggae (sorry I never liked the term Ragga) were at it's best and NYC Badmen is one of the albums that goes down in history.

If you enjoyed the Don Dada Supercat's great Ghetto Red Hot and then you will know exactly what to expect with this album.
Bobby Konders enlisted some great reggae talent to chat over classic Hip Hop breaks and samples.

Jnr Demus

You A Bad Boy is probably my favourite track on NYC Badmen, because of the intensity and gruffness in his voice and how ill he sounds riding over the fat and infamous Sly and The Family Stone's drums (you know the ones) and the Lou Donaldson bassline from the infamous Pot Belly track, a whole album from Junior Demus produced by Bobby Konders and Kenny Dope would have been crazy.

Jnr Demus was part of a group with Supercat, Nicodemus and Jnr Cat and they released the great
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & the Crazy LP in 1994, IT was mostly a dancehall affair but there were two really dope Hip Hop remixes of Cabin Stabbin and the title track.


A pre popstar Shaggy murders the hard hitting drums of Mattress Jockey and you will laugh hard when you hear his donkey impression, but man if this is not the best that has Shaggy has ever sounded then I don't what it is, it is an incredible performance where Shaggy gives his all, Kenny Dope knew this too and featured him on a Gunshot (remix)

Louie Rankin

released the really dope Trackmasterz produced Typewriter,incidentally Jnr Demus says the line
Typewriter...Louie Rankin keep it
on You A Bad Boy, which made me think that there was some definite competition in the Dancehall circles...or maybe not) in 1992 and blesses NYC Badmen with his No Move track that was first released in 1992 and uses the timeless Synthetic Substitution drums and other samples while

Buju Banton chats over a straight dancehall style track known as Bogle (I think) with Yardie.

Burro Banton (the original Banton)

Boom Wa Dis is another killer track with classic samples from the late, great
James Brown and Baby Huey's Hard Times drums (Bobby Konders had a love affair with those drums I think) and Burro tells us he
wears diamond socks
...ha ha classic.

Reverend Baddo's
Bop Scuchie is dope too and we get the infamous Honeydrippers' Impeach The President drums but I am fairly certian that Bobby just looped them from the classic Do The James by Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud (and produced by the late, great Paul C).

Red Foxx

is good on the sparse
Dem A Fight but not as good as he was on the massive Dem A Murderer and the DJ Premier produced Ya Can't Test Me Again from his A Matter of Fox LP (1993)


Nardo Ranks

Gun Pon Cock uses Special Ed's I Got It Made as a loop and other familiar samples to great effect.

The album ends with Captain Nemo's Me No Fool (the bassline drives me crazy because I know it but I just can't think what it is (A Tribe Called Quest?)...and Nemo sounds very smooth over the rolling drums of BT Express and some Kool and The Gang horns and leaves you, well wanting more...

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for more styles like this and original dancehall, I and I send respect to each and every man saying...
enjoy the comp and the bonus joints...

Bobby Konders Presents NYC Badmen
(Stepsun Records 1993)


1. Intro - MC Jabba
2. You A Bad Boy - Jr. Demus
3. Ghetto Red Hot - Supercat

4. Mattress Jockey - Shaggy

5. No Move - Louie Rankin
6. Yardie - Buju Banton
7. Boom Wa Dis - Burro Banton
8. Bop Scuchie -
Reverend Baddo
9. Dem A Fight - Red Foxx

10. Gun Pon Cock - Nardo Ranks

11. Me No Fool - Capt. Remo

review: http://www.reggae-reviews.com/nycbadmen.html

Bonus Hip Hop/Reggae Joints:

Louie Rankin ft Red Hot Lover Tone-Type Writer (Trackmasterz remix)-1992

Vicious-Nika (prod Clark Kent)-1994

Vicious ft Shyhiem
-Life of A Shortie (prod Saalam Remi)-1994

Supercat ft Method Man-Scalp Dem (RZA remix)-1994


Nardo Ranks-Burrup (Hip Hop Mix)-1990

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