What's Next? and a new e-mail address...news...

Man, you don't realize how much I appreciate the ill feedback and comments from the other bloggers, dan, dart, ral, trav, eric,al, etc... and all of the heads that feel they have taken a nostalgia trip (that is the idea friends)...glad you are enjoying it.

It just makes me enjoy doing this blog stuff that much more...so I wanted to find out what under rated Producer/Emcee you would like me to profile next...

PMD (Parrish Smith) (of course I was going to document the other half of EPMD... I thought You Knew?..ha ha)
DJ Clark Kent
DJ Mark The 45 King

Let me know and I will get to work...all of others have been thought about and I just wanted to get some feedback on who would you prefer first...

This is one of my favourite roots-reggae tracks of all time, I just love this track and video...

Israel Vibration-Rudeboy Shufflin' (1995) (orginal mix produced by Doctor Dread)




Special Dedications to O-Fish, DJ Lemon and DJ Rhys-B

and peace to 2 (more) real blogs that should be added to your links list...

This spot pretty much explains itself; HeRB & LyRiCs..

and DJ Complecks


Lastly, I am no longer going to put up links here in my posts, but below is coldrockdaspot's very own e-mail address, please contact me if you need re-ups and links to compilations ir if you have any questions.


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