Rest In Peace Wai....

I got some very shocking and really sad news Today, a young girl who I have known since she was little, sadly passed away in the weekend and because I didn't know until today I didn't get to attend the funeral and it hurts, it hurts that even though we have had some differences in the past we never got to patch things up,it hurts that she had a lot of friends and a loving family that cared her for her very much.

Wai was a beautiful soul who grew up around music and came from a great family of DJ's who really knew music and radio, Wai was funny and down to earth and would without a doubt be the life of the party,I remember when she was younger and how she used to voice a lot of Active 89 FM ads and do the Drive show with her Dad and she definitely was a natural when it came to being on the radio and from what I hear she was turning out to be a great farmer as well.

Wai would sometimes hang out at the Weds Nite Jam show and crack jokes, be cheeky, argue with me and just be her usual self, I know how all of her friends and family and extended family must be hurting now and this post is for all of them, Rest In Peace
Wai and thank you for your time here and the memories, I know it's a cliche but you maybe gone but you will never be's still hard to comprehend I am never going to see you again.

Love heaps and this is for your memory Wai Pie.

Aesop Rock-Daylight



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