EPMD-The Sample Business Never Personal Part 2...

Yes Yes Y'all (Kick It E)...

Here is part 2 of my breakdown of the ill Business Never Personal album and I want to thank you all greatly for the links, love and props the first post got.

6-Scratch Bring It Back Pt 2 (Mic Doc)

The only DJ Scratch produced track on the album is just incredible, kicking off with a classic KRS ONE sample from BDP's-Duck Down (1992) 12" and Sex & Violence LP

and Busta Rhymes from the classic
A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario (1991) and Low End Theory LP

samples riding a rumbling bassline and drums from
The Emotions-I Like It (also used by Old Dirty Bastard (RIP) and The Arsonists)
off the album So I Can Love You

and a sample I haven't been able to track down (and believe me I have tried...ha ha)

then as Parrish delivers a sloppy off beat flow, E comes in and tells him to get off that bullshucks and kick the hardcore style for the b-boy...PMD happily obliges and rips shop over Scratch's simple but highly effective concoction off the haunting strings from

and the timeless break from
Melvin Bliss-Synthetic Substitution (1973)

after PMD finishes, DJ Scratch absolutely murders the turntables and cuts the shit out of
EPMD ft LL Cool J-Rampage(1991) and Business As Usual (1990)LP

7-Cross Over

Once again, Erick & Parrish stayed true to their roots by using yet another Roger Troutman sample, but it was all good and this was the single that got them a new fan base, here E & P used the vocal "wherever you are, uh huh whatever you need..." from
Roger Troutman-You Should Be Mine (1991)

The interesting thing is the sample was actually from a track released a year earlier and came from the above Roger album
while the bubbling woh woh was taken from legendary Jazz drummer's

Idris Muhammad-Say What
from the Turn This Mutha Out LP (1977)

plus in the mix is a sample from (see if you can spot it :D)
Curtis Mayfield-Don't Worry If There's Hell Below...(1971)

*This track (mainly vocal refrains) has also been heavily sampled by NWA, Tim Dog, Artifacts,Big Daddy Kane, Redman, Masta Ace,Stetsasonic, Pete Rock, Ultramagnetic MC's and more than a few others.

8-Cummin At Cha (ft Das EFX)

Perhaps the most basic of tracks of BNP, it just used a simple slowed down loop of the (let's be honest) well over used (I'm not not even got to go into how many artists have used it, even freaking Oasis used it once)
The Winstons-Amen Brother (1969)

break and well placed vocal samples from
D-Nice-25 Ta Life from the 12" and To The Rescue LP (1991)

Cypress Hill-How I Could Just Kill A Man from the 12" and Cypress Hill LP (1991)

As E & P and their new stars Krazy Drayz & Skoob (Das EFX) giggedy gave the fans more of what they wanted, after Dead Serious blew up.

9-Play The Next Man

continued their love affair with Parliament and looped up and used sections of the seriously out there but oh so ill
Parliament- Sir Noise D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention - B3M) from the Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome LP (1977)

and was also a favourite sample that a lot of West Coast artists Ice Cube (more than once), NWA,E 40, Schoolly D,Yo Yo plus The Afro's, Black Sheep and er C & C Music Factory have all used elements of it as well.

The "I Aint The One" cut in hook is provided by the vet Big Daddy Kane and his Marley Marl produced and timeless
Big Daddy Kane-Raw (1987) from the 12" and Long Live The Kane LP (1988)

joint and the drums from

The Grassroots-You and Love are the same from the Feelings LP (1968)

What made me laugh the most is later in the track, E & P are chanting "And if ya Man done son, trade him in for a new one... cut him off man, cut him off", I'd love to know who wrote that...E or P?

10-It's Going Down

This is easily in my top 5 EPMD tracks of all time and also one of my favourite tracks of all time, I still get those chills when I listen to this and the first time I heard was on the Juice soundtrack, I remember actually breaking up a rewind button on a shitty tape deck because I thrashed the tape so much...ha ha. no half steppin, I kick back like a weapon

Here we have quite possibly my favourite use of the timeless
Mountain-Long Red from the Mountain Live LP (1972)

I still can't believe how ill and hard they made those drums sound and the way they sampled from the late, great
Marin Gaye-I Want You

from the I Want You LP (1976)


but also the noise that resounds through the track and (I think) the Run DMC sample, and the Get On Down vocal snippet from the infamous and classic
Billy Squier-Big Beat from the Tale of The Tape LP (1980)

11- Who Killed Jane?

The Jane series was always an amusing theme for EPMD records and every album since has had some crazy shit happen too her, here on the 4th segment they decide to kill her off or did E get shot?...(stay tuned).... over the dope drums from

Joe Tex-Papa Was Too from the I've Got Do A Little Better LP (1966)

which was actually an answer back to Lowell Fulsom's Tramp...
and a cool sample from...
Curtis Mayfield-Stone Junkie from the Curtis Live LP (1971)

and of course the infamous

Rick James-Mary Jane from the Come Get It LP (1978)

and remember kids

was always Devoid of the Funk...


aka The Rap Nerdologist...

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