Back To 1992 Volume 2...

Peace my good people, thanks so much for the ill comments and feedback it truly is as promised here is the second compilation of the Back To 1992 post...

I felt that the write up for the first one pretty much covered the year in general and really in a year as dope as 92 was, the music spoke truly for itself.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and if you were wondering, yes I did hear Foundation 7's-Compredator in 92 (maybe 93) on a mixtape but I had no idea who it was, I only found out last year and man am I glad I did, an incredible and timeless slice of pure Hip Hop and only this year was I lucky enough to find the other version of one of my all time fave's on there...much thanks and love to Travis,(cheers for the RHLT and A TEEM goodies) Dart & Dan and all of you other awesome family blog kids, keep the requests coming, trust me some of these may take a while but we will find them.


1. kurious - walk like a duck (prod_beatnuts)

*from his debut 12" inch released in 1992

2. kool g rap & dj polo - on the run [al capone version](prod_trackmasterz)

*from the 12" inch released in 1992, original version appears on the live & let die lp

3. mysterme & dj 2020 - unsolved mysterme (version 2) (prod_joe_quixx)

*released as a promo in 1992, was played on radio and used on mixtapes and officially released in 1993

eric b & rakim- rest assured

*from the legends fourth album release

5. showbiz & a.g._ft_deshawn_&_big-l (r.i.p.) -represent

*from their classic 1992 debut album

6. jvc force-big trax

*from the 12" inch, b/w 6 ft back on the map

7. chubb rock ft grand puba & red hot lover tone - three men at chung king (prod_trackmasterz)

*from the legend's fouth album release

8. common - breaker 1-9 (beatnuts remix)

*original version appears on his debut can i borrow a dollar? lp.

9-epmd-crossover (trunk mix)

*original version appears on the legends fourth album release, business never personal

10-king sun - sippin' brandy

*released as a promo in 1992, was played on radio shows, released in limited qualities.

11-rough house survivors-so! survivors, we can rhyme (prod_tony dofat)

*from their dope 1992 debut (and sadly) only album

12-double xx posse-the pure thing (prod_t-ray)

*from their debut 1992 album and not gonna be able to do it 12"

13-the college boyz-underground blues

*from their fine debut 1992 album

14-brothers uv da blakmarket -not u again

*from the 12" and debut (and only) 1992 album,ruff life

15-ateem- yeah (diamond d remix)

*original version appears on their dope debut and sadly only album.

16-k solo letterman (pete rock remix)

*original version appears on his 2nd lp, times up

17-red hot lover tone - give it up (diamond d remix)

*original version appears on his dope 1992 debut album

18-foundation 7-compredator

*as far as i know this crew had just the one 12"

19-home team-pick it up (prod arthur_&_luke)

*also on the via saturn from satellite lp

20-little shawn - clap ya hands (prod_howie_tee)

*from his 1992 debut (and only) lp

21-yb- who's gonna take the blame

*from his 1992 debut album

22-heavy d_ ft_ b.i.g.(r.i.p) grap luva, rob o, busta rhymes,guru and 3rd eye- a buncha niggas

*from heavy'd & the boyz fourth album release

23-black moon-fuck it up (prod_da_beatminerz)

*from the debut who's got the props 12"

24-lord finesse-you know what im about

*from the trespass sound track

25-mc ren- final frontier (prod_bobcat)

*from his first solo ep, kizz my black azz

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