L'Orange-The Orchid Days

"His troubles are like bananas, they come in bunches"...

That dope and amusing quote comes from "Mind Vs Matter" from an album I have really enjoyed and gone back to a lot this year...the new album and follow up to the The Mad Writer (2012) from producer L'Orange titled The Orchid Days released on the ever consistent label Mello Music Group.


Orchid Days is an album that encompasses some great chopped up '1950's jazz, old radio and soul samples, broken piano samples, swirling strings, smooth bass lines and head nodding beats, blended on his trusty MPC200XL & MPC2500, I honesty don't know who I would compare L'Orange's type of beat making with and in this day and age that is a really good thing.

The album features dope performances from guests like Blu, Homeboy Sandman, Billy Woods and Jeremiah Jae and Erica Lane, it's a cliche but this album is one of those albums that feels like watching a good movie that you know and love.

Peep some video's below and pick up the album here and don't forget to check the ill album he did with Stik Figa in 2013 if you haven't already.

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