The Source-April 1994 Fat Tape

The Source-April 1994 Fat Tape

This is from the April 1994 issue of The Source that had the definitive Gang Starr article and a superb Nas article amongst many other worthwhile articles and the memories just come flooding back, I remember picking this issue up from a magazine store in Lambton Quay, Wellington and rushed home to flip through it with (from dusty memory) Gang Starr's Hard To Earn blaring from the speakers.

After checking what was on heavy rotation on the The Source System, I turned to what the Dopest Rhyme of the Month was (Shallah Raekwon for "C.R.E.A.M") and the Fat Tape section and I wasn't at all surprised to see a really phat (in those days it was phat or fat haha) mix of hardcore Hip Hop, smooth R&B/Hip Hop, a little Hip Hop/Reggae and a couple of party anthem type, break-beat based tracks, in short that was the essence of Hip Hop in the early 90's, lots of different influences and classic records made by artists that heart, soul and respect for the culture that made heads save their bones or dig deep into their pockets for the records, CD's and/or tapes.

*I'd like to send a special mention and fat shouts out to Brandon.E that used to do the Fat Tapes on his blog
and also to my old fam Eric and Travis from Bloggerhouse & WYDU who have done both Fat Tapes and Sure Shit singles and SlurgD and Vincent Lopez for all of their hard work and time scanning the mags.

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