Denmark Vessey...

I must admit I was a bit late on the dope Detroit native known as Denmark Vessey's solo material but it's always good to play catch up...Denmark Vessey is named after an 1800's African slave (but with an added S) and of the group Crown Nation (with Mello Music Group signee Quelle Chris) was recently signed to the Dirty Science label and
has been releasing some quality material lately, after checking the dope Don't Drink The Kool Aid album I am looking forward to hearing the Cult Classic with Chicago Producer and MC Scud One and the Life In My Direction album which seemed to have fallen off my radar. 

Denmark Ves... is well I don't even know if unique is the right word but this dude definitely has a style all of his own...he makes dope beats, rhymes well and plays guitar, piano and drums so in simple terms, he is just dope and a well rounded talent and I can certainly call myself a fan.

Check these dope video's and get familiar...

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