Pics from The Code of The Streets gig, Dec 10, 2010 @ Bar Bodega

Epic night, my many thanks to all those that came along, everyone performed really well and yeah I am bias because I manage them but Evil Mule killed it and it was really dope seeing them rock freestyles to some instrumentals I provided for the crew after thier set had ended,we could have gone for hours.

Los Jineteros did a great early set that got the punters in the groove.

Upper Hutt Posse did a dope set and I have never heard "E Tu" like that before, the 3 piece played really well.

MHB were cool and were just having a great jam with the Evil Mule boys joining them and Art Official scratching over the top (he also did this for Evil Mule and it was dope).

Pete and JD from AVS blew me way with the awesome lighting and visuals, Mike did a great job at the mixing desk.

I had lots of great Friends there and people thanking me for the gig and buying me drinks and seeing the smiles and enjoyment on people's faces is what it was all about.

Thanks so much again Bar Bodega, it was an honour to host this gig there, here is to bigger and better ones next year :)

Big ups to Marv at Manky Chops Gallery for some of these awesome pics...

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