TONIGHT: Manky Chops & Radio Active Presents-The Code Of The Streets

We had sound check today and everything is sounding and looking really dope, I';m mad excited, if you are in Wellington tonight, please come on down.

Also the band Los Jineteros will be performing and not just not Jinetero MC

Once again my many thanks to Murray, Dan, Mike and the crew at Bar Bodega and all of the artists and DJ's and Pete Stobbart at AVS
and Jon Jameson at Stunn.

Wellington, please come down to the Wellington institution that is Bar Bodega on December 10th, 2010 and check out hype performances from the legendary...

Upper Hutt Posse:

Upper Hutt Posse are the progenitors of Hip Hop music in the South Pacific. Originally formed as a four piece reggae group in 1985, the Posse emerged at the forefront of the local response to emerging rap culture. Their unique fusion of rap and reggae (in both English and Maori languages) has been an inspirational injection into the national music scene, and a powerful vehicle for UHP's revolutionary socio-political perspectives and contemporary Maori aspirations.

In 1988 they released this country’s first rap song 'E Tu' (Stand Up) following a year later with the first rap album 'Against The Flow', touring with impassioned performances that brought notoriety and respect. With 5 albums (the fourth of which was awarded ‘Best Mana Maori Album’ at the NZ Music Awards 2003) and 18 music video clips, UHP are currently working on their sixth album and released the first single ‘Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou’ (We continue to struggle) in December 2008 celebrating 20 years since their debut. 

The song writing vision of Te Kupu (The Word) and MC Wiya is the solid backbone of this ever fresh, fluxing collective of vocalists and musicians. Currently performing as a nine piece live group which includes a horn section.

UHP embrace a kaupapa (objective/purpose) of consciousness-raising and are unrelenting in their momentum, addressing global imperial capitalist culture from an indigenous perspective and enlivening peoples determinations to realizing an altruistic vision of human culture. The perceptive scope of UHP's bi-lingual lyricism and originality secure them a distinguished position in the local music industry.

Thanks to Kerry Buchanan

This was Upper Hutt Posse's classic and first single and a landmark in Aotearoa Hip Hop.

Evil Mule:

MC and Producer Raw Deal and MC and Producer A.T.S. are quite simply the real deal, 2 mad talented kids with immense lyrical and beat-making skills that take the listener back to the golden age of real Hip Hop, way before the wack bubble-gum Hip Pop took over (one of my fave tracks off the album is a track titled "Hip Pop" which addresses the issue.)

Thier debut album P-Hood Prophecies is an album  full of dope beats, clever samples (check the drums on "Hybrid Star Children", the mystic vibes on "Planetary Destinations" or the crazy organ on  the hardcore "Digital Warfare" and the dope as hell horn sample on "Hip Pop") and intelligent and raw lyrics, strongly influenced (but not by any means a carbon copy) by The RZA, DJ Muggs and Dr Dre and others, P-Hood Prophecies speaks it's own language, dress code (greeen) and slang, "P-Hood" is slang for Pakakariki (a small town on the Kapiti coast district) where A.T.S. resides and Raw Deal stayed for a few years and can often be heard chanted out by Mules (followers, friends and fans of Evil Mule) loudly at their hype, energy filled gigs, also a new addition to the Evil Mule line up is T.Roy.

Presently Raw D and A.T.S. are working on new material and are developing a very good following and will be doing more and more gigs in the future, look out for them.

You can buy a copy of the P-Hood Prophecies album from Manky Chops

This was Evil Mules' first ever video clip:

MHB (Manky Chops House Band) & Jinetero MC:

Ty, Jack C and Marv 3 top blokes from the awesome Manky Chops Gallery (who create our great flyers and posters) lay down fat and inviting grooves that the Cuban born Jinetero MC and Evil Mule get busy on, Evil Mule will be doing a couple of new cuts at this gig with MHB, while Jinetero MC will jump up and deliver his reggaeton and dancehall styled lyrics, these guys are really hype live and I am lucky to work with them all again.

Check Jinetero MC's ode to Wellington in this clip, shot and edited by Te Kupu.

Plus: Fat Ragga-Hip Hop, Dancehall and Classic 80's and 90's Hip Hop supplied by

Special guest: DJ Art Official

DJ Art Official aka O-Fish has been a popular and well sought after DJ for many years and is a top notch selector of Reggae, Dancehall and Ragga as well as great Hip Hop.

Art has played all over Wellington, Auckland and other places in New Zealand and Australia and recently came back from London and played some gigs over there also, Art was also a part of Radio Active and New Zealand's longest running Hip Hop show, The Wednesday Nite Jam and is a talented beat-maker and currently working on projects to be released in the future.

Art will be bringing the very best of Dancehall and Ragga-Hip Hop to The Code Of The Streets gig.

and DJ Jaz (ex Weds Nite Jam, Cold Rock Da Spot)

DJ Jaz (currently playing out regularly and loving it) will be supplying the very best in classic 80's and 90's Hip Hop and promises to have the crowds rhyming lyrics and dancing like crazy, the recipe is thick basslines, fat drums and dope rhymes and nothing but the real Hip Hop.

All for only $10

This will be an Epic night of Hip Hop-Dancehall-Ragga madness and it would be dope to see you there :) 

Many thanks to Bar Bodega, Manky Chops and Radio Active 89 FM and Kelly H (our door girl)

The Code of The Streets
Bar Bodega, 101 Ghuznee Street, Wellington
Dec 10th 2010.

Bar Bodega
Radio Active 89 FM
Te Kupu and Upper Hutt Posse
Manky Chops
Evil Mule
Jinetero MC

DJ Jaz

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