R.I.P. Tony Costa aka TC aka Tone

Man, sometimes life is just not fair, I heard that someone died while colliding with another surfer on the radio earlier this week and it wasn't until today, that I found out it was an old friend of mine, a real humble and down to earth dude that was the one that was tragically killed doing (besides Hip Hop) what he loved.

Father of two and with another child on the way, I want to send my utmost condolences out to his wife, Sam and his two little girls Jahmin and Unity and entire Family.

I remember the day I first met Tone, it was sometime in the early 90's and he was freestyling to me and I was really impressed with his flow and how passionate he was about Hip Hop, we would always see each other at gigs and talk about various albums, artists and how his music was coming along, Tone was part of Palmerston North rap outfit Illy Spittaz and Wellington crew Strange Tongues, he was a cool MC and rhymed about real life things, he also enjoyed making beats.

Tone, or as I liked you to call you Top Cat, thank you for the many memories and the time I got to spend with you while you were here, you were one of a kind and will never be forgotten, last thing I want to say is, it's obvious how much you meant to so many people bro, you made the front page of our local newspaper.

Good journeys my friend, good journeys



story on his passing


Back 2 Basics/Hip Hop NZ condolence post:


Surfers farewell Tone


I dedicate this one to TC

De La Soul-Forever
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