R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson

:( Wow, this really is the end of an era isn't it?, I know why thousands and thousands (actually it's probably millions) all over the World shed tears and celebrate the strange but incredible career of Michael Joseph Jackson, Michael was an amazing singer/vocalist, dancer and all round talent, I don't know many people that don't know who Michael was and how he influenced so many, but on the real, I am really glad he has now found everlasting peace, Michael didn't have a happy life and behind the smile was years of sadness, but he kept on and was about to embark on a MASSIVE tour, 50 shows, there has been dumb speculation that maybe MJ faked his death, but as a longtime fan, I just don't see it, these concerts he was about to embark on, were to pay off debts and the story goes that he was excited and rehearsing a lot, if the rumours about his painkiller addiction are true, then it's easy to see why Michael burned out.

I don't even know where to start about MJ, I do remember hearing early Jackson 5 material on the radio and pulling out my Dad's Off The Wall album and absolutely loving it when I was a boy and then when Thriller came out I bought the vinyl (still have it) and I was a huge fan, I loved every single track off that album, but "Human Nature" will always play a special part, due to the fact that I had the biggest crush on this girl and that song always made me think of her, she had a boyfriend at the time and I wasn't even acknowledged really, but I always think of her when I listen to "Human Nature" and I remember the year, 1982 when I first heard that song (in fact I was listening to it while typing) and getting a flood of great memories, I also remember the time my step brother came home smiling and he had bought me the Bad tape along with a big poster of the album cover for my birthday, man I wish I still had that and I wish I still had the stickers and cards I used to buy from the dairy (with the sugar filled pink bubble gum), I also regret not ever seeing him live, I have seen (almost) all of my rap heroes, but never Michael.

The thing with Michael's music, it created memories and he had a voice and style that was unique and beautiful, I understand why people have been gathering to his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, I understand why music video channels have been playing Michael Jackson videos over and over, I understand why DJ's and blogs have been putting together special mixes and tributes, I understand why Michael was the voice of many decades and meant so much to so many people, whether it was "Ben" or Michael's efforts with the Jackson 5.

Michael's voice and presence was inescapable and as a long time and saddened fan, I don't believe he was a child molester and I am not willing to go any further with that statement.

I do believe that he was very unhappy for most of his life and that he never had a real childhood, because he was thrust into the spotlight at such an early age and I do believe that Joe Jackson's hard nose parenting, had a lot to do with Michael's unhappiness in later life, but when you hear Michael's music, all that just vanishes and I believe that's when he was at his peak, singing and performing, making music that spread across the globe and spans generation to generation, just like the great, late Bob Marley and rock icon Jimi Hendrix.

R.I.P. Michael, thanks for the great, timeless music and memories, there won't ever be another like you, at least , not in my lifetime.

Here is a compilation of Michael Jackson sampled Hip Hop tracks

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But this is the Cold Rock Da Spot one, so enjoy yourself ;) this post is deciated to Apsara and MJ fans all around the world

CRDS Presents: RIP M.J.


1-Nas-It Aint Hard To Tell (samples "Human Nature")
2-Chubb Rock-Enjoy Yourself (samples "Off The Wall")
3-Derek B-Get Down (samples "I Want You Back")
4-DJ Ace and Daquan-Hard To The Core (cuts up "I'll Be There")
5-Ice Cube-You Know How We Do It (samples "Billy Jean")
6-Tony D-Adam's Nightmare (samples "I Want You Back", before "OPP", truth)
7-Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Appreciate (samples "2-4-6-8")
8-De La Soul-Stakes Is High Intro (samples "Sing A Simple Song")
9-Masta Ace Inc-The B-Side (samples "Aint No Sunshine"
10-MC Lyte-Poor Georgie (samples "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin")
11-Aceyalone-B-Boy Kingdom (samples "I Can't Help It")
12-Michael Jackson-Aint No Sunshine
13-Raekwon-Rainy Dayz (samples "
Aint No Sunshine")
14-Heavy D & The Boyz-Peaceful Journey (samples "Heartbreak Hotel")
15-Large Professor-Mad Scientist (samples "Thriller")

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