RE-UP: Chill...A Beatnut.!...Beatnuts-The Nuts Remix Files...

I have had a few requests for this one, so here it is re-upped with an extra track, enjoy.

Chill...A Beatnut.!...Beatnuts-The Nuts Remix Files...

First up, yep I have indeed done a post on the infamous Corona, Queens cats before but this one is a little different to that one and that one
(sorry if the You Tube links don't work anymore)

was actually my first ever post and with the way the 45 King, PMD, Gang Starr, EPMD etc comps are going, I felt it was time for a 21 track compilation (mix, fat tape) of strictly Beatnuts remixes. (by they way infinite thanks for the awesome feedback and comments and to my new readers, welcome and to my blog family...word up.

I personally feel that the Big City album

was heavily slept on and there are some great tracks on it,in fact I like the whole album, but I do however feel that because JuJu was missing from it, it would have been a different album.

If you aren't feeling this album, get a friend that has a super fat stereo system in his car and then really hear it, or play it on your stereo loud to get the full effect, how anyone can not feel the bugged synth on "Big City" or the addictive loop and deep bassline on "Runnin' Around" is beyond me.

What I love the most about The Beatnuts, apart from their classic beats,basslines, horns and dope loops and amusing rhymes, is their true dedication, almost every year, they are there either producing, doing a remix or rhyming on someone else's records and they have been doing that since the early 90's.

Yes, Ju and Les will return with another album most likely next year but man, I just don't understand why Al Tariq can't be there as well...third of the trio remember.

here is the comp my good peoples...

coldrockdaspot presents-beatnuts-the nuts remix files.

1. common - breaker 1-9 (beatnuts remix)-1992 (relativity records)

Vid of original version

2. pmd - shade business (beatnuts remix)-1994 (rca records)

3. prime minister pete nice & daddy rich - kick the bobo (beatnuts remix)-1993 (def jam recordings)

Vid of original version

4. chi ali - funky lemonade (beatnuts remix)-1992 (relativity records)

5. da lench mob - aint got no class (beatnuts remix)-1993 (east west records)

6. shazzy - giggahoe (beatnuts & chris lighty remix)-1990 (elektra records) *

7-beatnuts-no escapin this (alternate mix)-2001 (loud records)

Vid of original version

8-mc lyte-ruffneck (beatnuts remix)-1993 (atlantic records)

Vid of original version

9-beatnuts - get funky (remix)-1994 (relativity records)

10-no id -state to state (beatnuts mafia remix)-1998 (relativity records)

11-beatnuts-no equal (remix)-1998 (relativity records)

12-da youngstas-wild child (beatnuts remix)-1993 (atlantic records)
Vid of original version

13-rhymester-20 centuries (beatnuts remix)-1995

14-mondo grosso - le manege (beatnuts remix)-1996

15-soulive-steppin remix (feat beatnuts) (prod beatnuts)-2003 (velour recordings)

16-justice system-dedication to bambaataa (beatnuts flamenco remix)-1994 (mca records)

17-naughty by nature - it's on (beatnuts remix)-1993-(tommy boy records)

Vid of original version

18-fat joe feat. grand puba & diamond d - watch the sound (beatnuts remix)-1993 (relativity records)

Vid of original version

19-scritti polliti ft mos def - tinseltown to the boogiedown (psycho les remix)-1999 (virgin records)

20-prime minister pete nice & daddy rich-rat bastard (what the....remix)-1992 (def jam recordings)

21-ice-t-addicted to danger (nut shop remix)

Link for this chumpy..

unofficial Beatnuts website

*=If you end up thinking damn it where have I heard that sample before...think BDP-Sex and Violence LP for the answer ;)

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