Lewis Parker

It's true, I don't cover nearly enough UK Hip Hop at cold rock da spot and I know a lot of people feel that Lewis Parker is just great
(myself included), I was first introduced to Lewis in 1996, when an EP titled B-Boy Antiks came through the Flipside (big ups Jammo, Ben and Andy) record store doors, I took a listen and it was like taking that first toke, the beats were raw and dope and very much like East Coast Hip Hop and Lewis had a great flow utilizing his accent, I really enjoyed this EP and wish like hell that I didn't sell my vinyl copy to pay off a debt (long and boring story) but we all make stupid mistakes at times.

I also heard and read about his cover of Oasis's Wonderwall (it's good for the record), which was released as a limited edition 45 rpm 7" record.

It took Lewis a few years to find the right label to release his ill debut album,
Masquerades & Silhouettes (1998) album and eventually he signed with Massive Attack's Melankolic label.

In the mid 2000-'s Lewis Parker moved to New York and ended up producing a track on Ghostface Killah's Fishscale LP (2006) and his More Fish LP (Outta Town Shit)
, Lewis has produced and remixed for Klashnekoff, Jehst, Tommy Evans, Profound, Supa-T, Dynas, Nomadic Poet and many, many others,In all honesty I don't claim to know everything about Lewis Parker, but if you have anything you would like to add to this post, please do in the comments section.



Here are a few bits and pieces from Lewis Parker

1. rise (vocal)
2. rise (instrumental)
3. rise (acapella)
4. visions of splendour (vocal)
5. visions of splendour (instrumental)
6. the sea freestyle
7. visions of splendour (acapella)

1. walk in the sky
2. r.o.w
3. jedi antiks
4. planets
5. mysteries of life

1. Song Of The Desert
2. Crusades
3. 101 Pianos (I've Put Out The Lights)
4. Eyes Of Dreams
5. Shadows Of Autumn
6. Ancients
7. Fake Charades
8. Thousand Fragments


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