The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 12

Yo...Back in the ipod, zune?, stereo, boombox, headphones etc with another installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series (are you collecting kids?
Now with a dope cover to put in your in your jewel case, crazy props to Werk for doing that up, check his blog

1-dereliks-i am a record (1995)
2-36zero-the lyrical jasun (1994)
3-jvc forc
e-doin damage (original version)(1988)
4-seville-keep ya movin (1989)
5-the 45 king
-45 king kick it (1989)

6-all city productions
-bust your rhymes (1992)

7-art of origin
-unration-al (1992)

8-gang starr-2-deep (city lick mix) (1992)
9-hl rock (the sly fox)-put you on lockdown (1995)
10-eric b & rakim-casualties of war (soulpower remix) (1992)
11-hoodratz-bootlegga (dj irv mix) (1993)
kgb-freek tha flow (nasitnigazjeepmix) (1993)
13-strange behaviour
-speakers on the fritz (1993)

-old skool beat (1993)

15-raw breed ft kool keith, godfather don & grandmaster mel
-rampage outta control (1993)
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