February 13, 2009

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 12

Yo...Back in the ipod, zune?, stereo, boombox, headphones etc with another installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series (are you collecting kids?...lol)
Now with a dope cover to put in your in your jewel case, crazy props to Werk for doing that up, check his blog


1-dereliks-i am a record (1995)
2-36zero-the lyrical jasun (1994)
3-jvc forc
e-doin damage (original version)(1988)
4-seville-keep ya movin (1989)
5-the 45 king
-45 king kick it (1989)

6-all city productions
-bust your rhymes (1992)

7-art of origin
-unration-al (1992)

8-gang starr-2-deep (city lick mix) (1992)
9-hl rock (the sly fox)-put you on lockdown (1995)
10-eric b & rakim-casualties of war (soulpower remix) (1992)
11-hoodratz-bootlegga (dj irv mix) (1993)
kgb-freek tha flow (nasitnigazjeepmix) (1993)
13-strange behaviour
-speakers on the fritz (1993)

-old skool beat (1993)

15-raw breed ft kool keith, godfather don & grandmaster mel
-rampage outta control (1993)
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