Kings Of Swing-Strategy LP

01 - Strategy (3:33)
02 - Betty Boop (2:39)
03 - Nod Your Head to This (3:25)
04 - Show 'Em What U Got (4:16)
05 - U Know I Love U Baby (4:46)
06 - Two Minutes of Funk (2:11)
07 - Swing Fever (3:43)
08 - Funky Breakdown (3:57)
09 - Rumors (4:01)
10 - The Hustler (3:44)
11 - Go Cocoa (3:24)

I don't know how obscure this album is, but I dig it and thanks to thomas v from the infamous Philaflava, T.R.O.Y. forums I can give you a link, this is one of those albums that isn't really classic but it is dope
, it's just good simple Hip Hop, basic loops,dope breakbeats and rhymes that just worked well throughout (just tell me that you won't be humming the bassline from "U Know I Love Ya Baby" and want to go straight to Ed OG & Da Bulldogs's "Bug-A-Boo" 1991) or the dope loop of Tony Avalon & The Belairs' "Sexy Coffee Pot" making up "Nod Your Head To This" (you will probably want to go straight to Eric B & Rakim's "Run For Cover" (1990) or Cypress Hill's "Real Estate" (1991).

Kings of Swing were down with Audio 2 (Milk & Giz produced 2 tracks on the album, "Show Em What U Got" and "Funky Breakdown") and the First Priority Music Family and contained the female DJ/MC/Producer Cocoa Channelle after just being a duo in the late 1980's, when they released the great "Stop Jockin James" 12" in 1988.

Stop Jockin James (1988)

Microphone Junkies

They only released the one album, Strategy in 1990, but also released a 12" in 1993 "This Is The Way We Rock The House b/w "Blunted"(does anyone have that?) after that, your guess is as good as mine, oh and ignore the tags on the download ha ha...Harry James, Benny Goodman?, great swing artists... sure, but they are not on this album.

Lastly, Super Duper Crazy Props go out to Werk for the ill Cold Rock Da Spot piece


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