2016-JMS Presents-It's A Remix! Vol 5 (90 Edition)

01-3rd Bass-Product Of The Environment (Project Remix)
02-K-Solo-Your Mom's In My Business (Remix)
03-Special Ed-Come On, Let's Move It (Remix)
04-Brand Nubian-Slow Down (Pete Rock Newromix)
05-M.C. Shan-Time For Us To Defend Ourseleves (Defending Remix)
06-Low Profile-Funky Song (Remix)
07-Audio Two-Get Ya Mother Off The Crack (Remix)
08-EPMD-Gold Digger (E&P's Remix)
09-Kwamé And A New Beginning - Hai Love (Back To The Boneage Mix)
10-Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E.-Psyko Funk (Remix)
11-King Tee-At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
12-Lakim Shabazz-Need Some Lovin' (Anttex Remix)
13-Majestic Productions-Front Line (Remix)
14-C.P.O.-Ballad Of A Menace (Homicidal Theme Remix)
15-Eric B & Rakim-In The Ghetto (Freestyle Mix)
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