2016-JMS Presents The Daily Commute Volume 2

Peace...In all honesty it has been a crazy, confusing and hectic week no make that year, 2016 has been so freaking unkind to the entertainment industry and the World in general...but like I always do I manage to find solace in good music and often make compilations that I enjoy listening to while riding the train/bus in the morning and in the evening or doing chores or just zoning out...

Just like the last one or for any other compilation that you find on my blog, I sincerely hope you find something new and enjoy the ride as much as I do. RIP Sharon Jones.

2016-JMS Presents The Daily Commute Volume 2

1-Cisco Cisco-Jazzy Nights (Andres Vegas Stripped Mix)
4-Scott Diaz-Vinyl Love (Original Mix)
5-Viken Arman-A White Shadow
6-Pin-Right Time (Northern Zone Remix)
7-Mage-Summer In The City
9-Kasper, SATL & Lurch-Sky Turns Black
10-ODD - Making Moves (Original Mix)
11-David Hasert - Heart & Soul (Original Mix)
12-Bert H & High N Sick - Escape
14-Vacant-High Rise
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