CRDS Presents-Knowledge Rap Samples-Volume One

In celebration of the legendary Teacha visiting New Zealand shores for the first time ever in April 2012....I have set out to make some compilations showcasing some fat and dope Hip Hop tracks that have sampled the veterans tracks and vocals for hooks and cuts.

KRS had been sampled hundreds and hundreds of times by all kind of artists, I (including myself back in the days on a lost demo) I have always seen sampling or cutting up another artist as a form of great respect and you know that Kris Parker has always had that in abundance.

I think this first 20 track compilation bears witness to the immense influence he has had on Hip Hop for a long time...enjoy.

 2012-CRDS Presents-Knowledge Rap Samples Volume 1
1-Das EFX-"They Want EFX" (1992) sampled BDP "Breath Control II" (1990)
2-MOP-"Anticipation" (1996) sampled KRS ONE-"MC's Act Like They Don't Know" (1995)
3-The Artifacts-"Whayback" (1994) sampled BDP-"South Bronx" (1987)
4-Cypress Hill-"3 Lil Putos" (1993) sampled BDP-"Remix For P Is Free" (1987)
5-EPMD-"Scratch Bring It Back Pt 2 (Mic Doc)" (1992) sampled BDP-"Duck Down" (1992)
6-Banji-"Can You Get With This" (1994) sampled BDP-"The Kenny Parker Show" (1990)
7-Special Ed-Lyrics (1995) sampled BDP-"Mortal Thought" (1993)
8-Tha Alkaholiks-2014 (1995) sampled KRS ONE-"Hip Hop Vs Rap" (1993)
9-Black Moon-"How Many Emcees" (1993) sampled BDP-"My Philsophy" (1988)
10-Icons-Battle, Battle (1998) sampled KRS ONE-"Wannabemceez" (1995)
11-Lace Da Booms-"Cut Dat Weak Shit (NYC Mix) (1996)" sampled BDP-"We In There" (1992)
12-X-Cutioners-"Word Play" (1997) sampled BDP-Steady B feat. KRS-One-"Serious (Ceereeus BDP Remix")
13-Souls of Mischief-"That's When Ya Lost" (1993) sampled BDP-"Jah Rulez" (1989)
14-Common Sense-Thisisme (1994) sampled  BDP-"Build and Destroy" (1992)
15-Caveman-Rap Biznezz (1992) sampled BDP-"Poetry" (1987)
16-Gravediggaz-"1-800 Suicide" (1994) sampled Just-Ice feat. KRS-One"Mos***up" (1988)   
17-Pete Rock and CLSmooth-"We Specialize" (1996) sampled BDP-"South Bronx" (1986)
18-Malik-No More 9 To 5 (1994) sampled KRS ONE-Outta Here (1993)
19-E-Rule-"Listen Up" (1994) sampled BDP-Elementary (1987)
20-Nine-"Ova Confident" (1995) sampled-Queen Latifah ft Heavy-D, Treach and KRS ONE-"Rough"(1993)

Volume 2 very soon...


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