Timeless Truth-Brugal & Presidentes EP

Yes, Happy New Year all and Happy 5th Birthday CRDS (wow 5 years already?)...what a great start to 2012, I am just unwwinding after a hectic day back at work, check my e-mail and get a heads up that one of my fave artists in the past few years, the Flushing, Queens (what is in the water out there?) duo of Oprime and (Superbad EMCEE) Solace aka Timeless Truth.

If you know me or follow my blog then you know that I am a massive fan of the crazy dope "Memorex Massacre" released in 2011.

"Irene" and "True Grit" with Roc Marciano and "Priceless" with Sean Price

Just to mention a few, so while in the process of recording thier debut album, Rock'It Science Timeless Truth have laced listeners with a free new EP titled Brugal & Presidentes and it's as dope as expected.

I don't just love these kids as ill MC's but for the fact that everything about them just spells out golden age and the best of the 90's, from the kicks and gear (classic Polo, North Face etc) to the head nodding beats from the likes of R8DER, DJ Woof, Benny Ill, PF Cuttin, J-Love as well as working with other dope Queens MCs like Outdoorsmens members Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson and others.
Timeless Truth have also recently been in the lab with the legendary Large Professor and hopefully that track makes the album or possibly the other album they are working titled Scene Of The Rhyme.

Get the EP here...
1. “Cicra” (prod. by R8DER)
2. “Can’t Handle It’ (prod. by Benny Ill)
3. “Smoove” (prod. by DJ Woof)
4. “Leave It Alone (prod. by Roc Marciano)
5. “Memorex Massacre (prod. by R8DER)
6. “Based On A True Story” (prod. by R8DER)
7. “Irene” feat. Roc Marciano (prod. by R8DER)
8. “True Grit” feat. Sean Price (prod. by Roc Marciano)



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