Six2Six New Releases for 2012

Superb label Six2Six Records are setting off 2012 right and continue to lace vinyl fiends and true Hip Hop heads with really dope unreleased releases, currently on the scene are...

Amp Boogie-"Bluntly Speaking" EP

Raw and dope unreleased music from the mid 90's from Baltimore artists Los Boogie, DJ Booman and Mudd (of "Murda Outcha Speaker" (1994) fame) aka Amp Boogie.

Sparrow The Movement-"Physics Redux" EP

 The 16th anniversary of the NYC outfit Sparrow The Movement's "Physics" EP from 1995, released as a redux in split colour vinyl (black and red), logo sticker and with 2 previously unreleased tracks..."Listen To The Rhyme" and "Complex".

and last but not least the dope Constant Deviants-"Fulton Street" Limited Edition 7"
 “This song started out as a freestyle that we put on YouTube,” explains M. I. when speaking on the inspiration behind the creation of the track. “Our audience fell in love with it, so we added a hook and a second verse to complete it.” Pulling the production from a “vault” of beats, the tracks pulls together a collage of ambient chops, mixed with the vocal samples and DJ cuts, create the perfect plateau for M.I.’s lyrics to shine through on a song that, in what is easily becoming the standard for Constant Deviants, “captured the feeling of 'The Golden Era' while keeping it fresh.”

Peep the video for "Can't Stop" from the Platinum-The Mixtape

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