CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles...

One of the greatest things about Golden Age and Underground Hip Hop is...thanks to the beauty of the internet and MP3's...a great deal of lost demos that were only ever recorded on tape (you remember those plastic things with 2 holes, that you used to put sellotape over bought tapes you had already (high speed) dubbed or heard enough of, just so you could record your favourite tracks off the radio?) and original versions have been in listeners headphones...I know I am not the first to do a post dedicated to demos...but I don't think you can have enough posts on them.

Classic demos from the actual demo tapes that were only ever heard on legendary late night Hip Hop radio shows like Stretch "Boogie" Armstrong and "Kool Bob Love" Bobbito, Lord Sear* etc, have been cleaned up by fans and up for download at various forums and blogs...which saves them from just collecting dust in shoe boxes.

The demo tape was like a badge of honour back in the days (I made a few, that were destroyed years ago, lol) sadly though so many ended up in garbage bins by A & R's that were looking for a quick buck would sign fly by night bubble gum rappers, the demo tape would showcase lyric and mic and DJ and production making skills and were the MC and groups way of making labels pay attention...before most realized that labels would only jerk them...

Kool G Rap and DJ Polo composed a classic track about making a demo with the Marley Marl produced "It's A Demo" back in 1986.

 EPMD asked the world to please listen their demo and broke down how they got to where they are at the time through their demo tape in '89.


Later covered (sort of) by the seriously under rated West Coast's E-Rule...

and De La Soul spoke on the virtues of having fans constantly offer demo tapes to them (hence the title of this blog post) on the classic "Ring Ring Ring" (1991).

Listening to this collection, makes you realize, how (sorry it's a cliched word I know, but it's true) real and from the soul Hip Hop in those days really was and why some of these were never released or signed is head scratching...I hope you enjoy these selections...I have tried my best to include decent quality versions, I really wanted to have some Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chamber demos, but they sound like they were recorded through a speaker phone lol.

I cannot express enough to gratitude to the following, who without any of them this post would  not be possible....Kevin Beacham,Verge, Nobs,  Aleph, Nes, Steve Brock, Traffic Entertainment, Six2Six Records, One Leg Up Records, No Sleep Recordings & DWG.

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Robbie C at Unkut

CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Volume 1 

1-A.L.F.(Always Livin' Foul)-High and Bent
2-Constant Deviants-Problem Child(Produced by Constant Deviants)
3-Big-L-Principle of The New School (Produced by Showbiz)
4-B.I.G. ft Sadat-X-Come On ...(Produced by Lord Finesse)
5-Herb McGruff-East and Police (Produced by Godfather Don)
6-King Sun-Mr Policeman (Produced by Jazzy Jay)
7-Rakim-You Don't Fool Me
8-Elite Bomb Squad-Voodoo
9-Poetical Prophets (Mobb Deep)-Flavor For The Non Believes (Produced by Paul Shabazz)
10-Mack A Damien Thorne-It Looks Like Reign
11-Almighty Arrogant-Mindstate Hades
12-Gauge-Miss You Man
13-Emskee-No Props (Produced by DJ Slyce)
14-Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-The Midnight Wrecka (Produced by Pete Rock)
15-Nas-Represent (Original) (Produced DJ Premier)
16-The Raptholigist-Quick Fast In A Hurry
17-Souls of Mischief-Step To My Girl (Produced by A-Plus)
18-*Unknown Artist ft Lord Sear-Peanut Butter* (possibly not the right title)
19-PMD ft LL Cool J-Rampage (Demo)
20-.E.S.P. (Educated Street Poets aka Tha Alkaholiks)-We Gets Funky (Produced by E-Swift)

* Lord Sear appears on the dope "Peanut Butter" track...does anyone know who else is on this?...all I know is the Charlie Mingus bass sample is the same as Gang Starr's-"I'm The Man" and I keep expecting Jeru to pop and say "I'll tap your jaw" lol

Volume 2 sooner than you think

and also R.I.P. to the legendary singer and song writer/composer Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson

Nick Ashford sadly lost a battle with throat cancer (we lose way to many to this awful disease), Nick and his wife and singing partner Valerie Simpson  were most famous for writing the Motown classics "Aint No Mountain High Enough", "Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing" and "Your All I Need To Get By" and of course their World chart topping single "Solid (As A Rock)" in 1984 read more about him here...

I loved this song back in the days...



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