20 Years later...1991-Main Source-Breaking Atoms LP...what is your fave track?

"I move swift and uplift
your mind shoot the gift when I riff in rhyme
Rappin sniper, speakin real words
My thoughts react, like Steven Spielberg's
Poetry attacks, paragraphs punch hard
My brain is insane, I'm out to lunch God"

Easily one of the dopest albums in Hip Hop history (and in my personal top 10 of all time Hip Hop albums...

Breaking Atoms*, the debut album from Queens legend Producer/MC Large Professor

Alongside Toronto, Canada's DJ/Producers of K-Kut and Sir Scratch as Main Source was released on July 23rd in the year 1991 on the infamous Wild Pitch label...their debut 12" "Think"/"Atom" was released on Actual records in 1989.

It's an album full of classic breaks and samples from the likes of Melvin Bliss, Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm, Bob James, Skull Snaps, Lou Donaldson, Jesse Anderson, James Brown, The Mohawks, MFSB, The Meters, Detroit Emeralds, Kool & The Gang, Funkadelic and many others, dope rhymes, co-production from Pete Rock on one track and it also made people pay attention to a track stealing and debut from Nas on the anthem "Live At The BBQ" (along with Akinyele and Joe Fatal).

Breaking Atoms also included the hit singles "Looking At The Front Door" (which was huge in 1990) "Just Hangin' Out" (that sampled Sister Nancy's classic "Bam Bam") and "Peace Is Not The Word To Play"... a remix of that track was on the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack.

After they dropped the classic "Fakin The Funk" (featuring Neek The Exotic) off the White Men Can't Jump soundtrack) in 1992 Large Pro left the group and the group disbanded before thier second unreleased LP The Science was due for release, only to reform in 1994 with another legendary Queens MC as their frontman MC Mikey-D a Man who once had battled the vet Grandmaster Melle Mel and won and whom interestingly enough had records produced by the late great Paul C, Large Pro was taught a lot of his beat making skills by him... and while 1994's (unreleased due to a number of industry b.s. and other reasons) "F--k What You Heard" was nowhere near as great as Breaking Atoms but it was still a solid album that is still worth a listen.

*Breaking Atoms was later re-issued in 1997, 2006 (Japan) and 2008 and featured bonus tracks and DWG released a limited edition 7" inch titled Lost Science that featured the unreleased tracks "Bootlegging", "Time (Alternative Mix)" and "Raise Up".

I know this will not be an easy decision but I am interested in seeing your answers...and another question...what format(s) do you have this album on?



1. Snake Eyes
2. Just Hangin' Out
3. Looking At The Front Door
4. Large Professor
5. Just A Friendly Game of Baseball
6. Scratch & Kut
7. Peace Is Not The Word To Play
8. Vamos A Rapiar
9. He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)
10. Live At The Barbeque
11. Watch Roger Do His Thing
12. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Bonus Version)

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