CRDS Presents...Back To 1996...

Peace...I was going through some old posts on C.R.D.S. and thought it really has been a while since I did a Back I thought I would cover 1996...which also shows exactly how good music was how and privileged Hip Hop heads and music listeners were in the 90's...

I'm sick of bitches shakin' asses
I'm sick of talkin' about blunts
Sick of Versace glasses
Sick of slang
Sick of half-ass awards shows
Sick of name brand clothes
Sick of R&B bitches over bullshit tracks
Cocaine and crack
Which brings sickness to blacks
Sick of swoll' head rappers
With their sicker-than raps
Clappers and gats
Makin' the whole sick world collapse
The facts are gettin' sick
Even sicker perhaps
Stickabush to make a bundle to escape this synapse...

1996 was actually a really, really dope year and there was definitely a resurgence of positive and uplifting and conscious Hip Hop...some of the key albums and highlights were...

The Wu...

-Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks released his first ill solo album, Ironman to critical acclaim, the album featured Raekwon, The RZA, Inspecta Deck, Masta Killa, U-God, Method Man, Mary J Blige and The Force MD's and Cappadonna rhymed the verse of his career on "Winter Warz", the LP was solely produced by The RZA with 1 track produced by True Master and was another must have album from the Wu Tang Clan.

-Wu affiliate Shyheim also released his second LP, The Lost Generation as well...which had production from The RZA, RNS, L.E.S., DR Period, King of Chill and others and featured Pop Da Brown Hornet, June Luva, Downlow Recka and others, LA The Darkman released his dope 12" "I Want It All" backed with "As The World Turns" which featured Raekwon and was produced by 4th Disciple.

-Killarmy released the "Camouflage Ninjas" 12" that was produced by 4th Disciple and the B-Side "Wake Up" was produced by The RZA.

-RZA, Method Man & Cappadonna had "Wu Wear" appear on the High School High soundtrack and as a 12" and RZA produces and remixes tracks for Reggae artist Bounty Killa and AZ.

-Raekwon-"Rainy Dayz" 12" released with remix by Diamond D & Mr Dalvin.

-Cappadonna released the "Takin Drastic Measures" 12"

-Wu Tang Clan appear on the America Is Dying Slowly compilation with "America" which was also released as a promo 12"

-The Fugees broke Worldwide and had humungous success with their second LP The Score which had production from Diamond-D and Salaam Remi and won awards at The Grammy awards...the Enya sampling "Ready or Not" also went to number one also in New Zealand for many weeks.

-Ex Leaders of The New School member Busta Rhymes finally released his first solo album, the explosive The Coming which had the mega hit "Woo Hah!!" (rocked by every DJ including yours truly to a fill dance floor) ...Busta was sure the World was going to end in 2000 ("There's only 4 years left") but he was wrong...the LP featured Redman, Q-Tip, Rampage, Jamal, Keith Murray, Lord Have Mercy, Charlie Brown, Milo, Dinco-D, Zhane with dope beats from DJ Scratch, Easy Mo Bee, Backspin and the late, great Jay Dee.

Native Tongues Reinstated...

-De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest released stellar fourth albums...Stakes Is High(my personal fave LP of 96) which featured Mos Def, Truth Enola, Common and Zhane, with great beats from the late, great J-Dilla, DJ Ogee, Skeff Anslem (gets props too),Spearhead-X and De La Soul themselves.

and Beats, Rhymes and Life featured Consequence, Tammy Lucas and Faith Evans and was produced by The Ummah and Rashad Smith...the Native Tongues crew was officially reinstated...the Jungle Brothers dropped the raw "How Ya Want It" 12".

*on a personal note myself and some old DJ crew and Friends (peace Jammo, Andee, and Ben from the old Flipside crew and Vee, Rainman, Don Lachito, DJ Pop Up, Glynn and crew from E.S.C. and many others) put on successful release parties for both albums and we even had special Native Tongue shakers and handed out bits of paper with Discography's etc...


-The BCC saga continued Heltah Skeltah (Rock aka Sean Price and Ruck) released their debut album Nocturnal which had great beats from Da Beatminerz and E-Swift and Ruck and Rock tore the mic to pieces and OGC released their debut LP, Da Storm which had beats from Da Beatminerz, Evil Dee, E-Swift, DJ Ogee, Steele, Lord Jamar and Buckshot and featured Sadat-X,Sean Black, Smif N Wesson and others and Black Moon had Diggin In Dah Vaults...which wasn't an official release from the crew, it contained dope remixes and the unreleased (and unmixed) "6 Feet Deep".

-The Lost Boyz (R.I.P. Freaky Tah) released their first album of infectious party Hip Hop with Legal Drug Money that had production from Pete Rock, Easy Moe Bee, Big Dex and Mr Sex (R.I.P.) the album featured the hits and singles, "Renee", "Get Up" "The Yearn", "Music Makes Me High" and the title track.

-Blahzay Blahazy (PF Cuttin and Outloud) released their classic underground debut LP, Blah, Blah, Blah which had the hits "Pain I Feel", "Good Cop, Bad Cop" and of course "Danger" the album featured Verbal Hoods, Darkman, Smoothe and Trigga and Verbal Fist.

Fondle 'Em...

-The Juggaknots (Breezly Brewin & Buddy Slim) released their great debut self titled album on Fondle 'Em records which was eventually re-released in 2006 as Re-Release-Clear Blue Skies with 11 unreleased tracks.

Other dope releases on Fondle 'Em in 96 were... the awesome debut EP The Visualz from Siah and Yeshua Dapo Ed, which featured Ken Boogalo. DJ Bless and was produced by Jon Adler,  the Siah and Yeshua recordings and was later re-issued on Traffic Entertainment in 2008 as a compilation album with 20 tracks (some were freestyles from radio shows).


 -and Mr Live-"Relax Y'Self" and the debut 12" from Scienz of Life "Powers of Nine Ether".

Fat Beats...

The late, great legendary New York record store Fat Beats (sadly closed in 2010) issued it's record label and distribution branch in 1996 with the first release being the Rob Swift ft The Cracker Jax-"Sly Rhymes" 12" followed up by Non Phixion "No Tomorrow" and "Legacy"...


NYC label Rawkus branched out into independent and underground Hip Hop and the first releases from the once esteemed label were from Rose Family, Poppa Bear Kool Breez, Stretch Armstrong and Universal 7...the label really set things off from 1997 onwards though.

Hit Squad/Def Squad

-Even though Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith had long since parted ways, both delivered dope albums in 1996 with E's Insomnia compilation (Redman, Kieth Murray, L.O.D,  Xross Breed, Jamal, Tommy Gunn, Passion etc) and PMD with Business Is Business which featured Das EFX, MOP, Nocturnal and had beats from Charlie Marotaa, Soilid Scheme, DJ Scratch and 8-Off.

-Redman delivered the crazy but stupidly dope Muddy Waters LP...his 3rd LP which featured Method Man, Keith Murray, K-Solo, Jamal, Erick Sermon and the late, great Rockwilder...Redman and Erick Sermon produced most of the album.



-Jeru The Damaja had his second (and last) classic album produced by DJ Premier, Wrath Of The Math, the album featured Afu-Ra and Jeru took shots at The Fugees, Puff Daddy and commercial and gangster Rap.

-DJ Premier also laced Brooklyn hard rocks MOP with many bangers on their 2nd album Firing Squad which featured Teflon and the legendary Kool G Rap and Big Jaz and Ali Dee also contributed beats.

-Bahamadia dropped her debut album Kollage, which had classic beats from DJ Premier, the late, great Guru (R.I.P.), The Roots, Ski and N.O. Joe.

It featured the classic singles "Total Wreck", "The Jawn" and the DJ Premier produced "Three The Hard Way" which to this day remains a fave Female MC outing.

-Premo also released the legendary and infamous Crookyln Cuts mix-tapes.


Special Ed-Freaky Flow (Remix)

Big Shug-Crush
Group Home-Suspended In Time (Groovy Remix) 
Nas-I Gave You Power
Jay-Z-D'Evils, Friend or Foe. Bring It On

-Mobb Deep followed up the classic critically lauded Infamous album with the more darker and cinematic Hell On Earth LP, guests featured were Raekwon, Nas, Method Man, Big Noyd, Twin Gambino and Ty Nitty the first single only released as a promo single on 12" "Drop A Gem On 'Em" was aimed at 2-Pac.

-Nas released the follow up to Illmatic (1994)...It Was Written that was fairly good and had some great beats (not enough DJ Premier though) but was not as great as his debut LP and it had a really stupid and confusing verse from Foxy Brown...which ruined the otherwise dope, "Affirmative Action" track, IWW...clearly aimed for a more commercial audience.

-Kwest The Madd Ladd's hilarious and head nodding album My First Album finally dropped after years of record label problems (read shafting), it had dope production from the late, great Tony-D, Baka Boyz, Dan Charnas, LA Jay, and cuts from DJ Homicide and Kutmasta Kurt.

-Super producer K-Def dropped a dope album of classic beats and samples and Larry-O weaved tales of street life and life stories to a hungry audience that appreciated The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama a lot, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Killa Sin & Lord Tariq appeared on the remix of "Real Live Shit" and Real Live had a non album track titled "Get Down For Mine" on the B-Side of the Wu Tang Clan-"Wu Wear" 12' and High School High soundtrack.

-High School High was an amusing Hip Hop (of sorts) movie made by the Zucker brothers and the soundtrack featured dope Hip Hop tracks from KRS One, The RZA, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Large Professor and Pete Rock, Artifacts, Sadat-X & Grand Puba, The Roots, Inspectah Deck, Scarface and others.

-OutKast released (my personal fave album from them) ATLiens, it contained the hits "ATLiens", "Wheelz of Steel", "Elevators (Me and You)" and "Jazzy Belle" guests included Goodie Mob, Jazzyfatnastees and Witchdoctor and production was handled by Organized Noize and OutKast.
-Ill Biskits released their debut album, the underground classic Chronicles of Two Losers...that went out of print pretty much as soon it was released, true of the members actually contacted me about getting a link to download his own album some years back, it was eventually re-issued in 2007... the album had production from Lord Finesse, Buckwild and Myke Loe.

-Xzibit released his debut album At The Speed Of Life that had production from E-Swift, DJ Muggs (the awesome ode to his Son and Billy Joel sampling "The Foundation", Diamond-D and Thayod Ausar, the album contained the hit single "Paparazzi" and featured King Tee, J-Ro and Tash, Ras Kass and Saafir and Hurricane G.

-Nine followed up his gruff classic Nine Livez (1995) with the darker sounding Cloud 9, the first single was the Three Dog Night sampling "Lyin King" and the album was produced by Jesse West, Rob Lewis and featured 3rd Eye, Smoothe Da Hustler, King Just and Bounty Killer.

-Ras Kass released his debut Soul On Ice which contained some incredible rhymes (see "Nature Of The Threat", "On Earth As It Is"...etc and Diamond-D did up one of the greatest remixes of his career with a remix of "Soul On Ice, the album had production from Bird, Vooodu and Ras Kass himself.

-Public Enemy's Chuck D released his first solo album, Autobiography of Mister Chuck...that featured the dope single "No" which was an attack on what Chuck thought was ruining Hip Hop, the album featured the late, great Issac Hayes, Melquan and was produced by Sleek and executive produced by Eric "Vietnam" Sadler, Chuck-D and G-Wiz.

Soul Brother No.1 aka Pete Rock

-The INI album that had the underground classic (and one of my all time fave Pete Rock produced beats) "Fakin Jax" never came to light after the group were dropped along with many other artists.

-Common dissed Ice Cube and Westside Connection over a Pete Rock produced classic with the "Bitch In Yoo"

-Pete Rock produced and appeared on The Lost Boyz-"The Yearn" 


Large Professor and Pete Rock-The Rap World

Mic Geromino-Unstoppable
Sadat-X-Escape From New York
Akhenaton-La Face B (Remix)
Monica-Before You Walk Out Of My Life (Remix)
Icongnito-Roots (Pete Rock Remix)

NYC's Arsonists released their debut 12" "The Session" on Fondle 'Em as did Adagio with the classic "The Obvious Joint" and The East Flatbush Project with "Tried By 12" which got major run on the Wednesday  Nite Jam was used in every MC and DJ battle I attended in 1996 and Constant Deviants with the true underground classic "Competition Catch Speed Knots" and Darc Mind (X-Ray and Kev-Roc) with the dope promo 12" "Outside Looking In" 12"

-Jay-Z released his debut Beyond Reasonable Doubt album, the LP had great beats from DJ Premier and Ski amongst others and the late, great Biggie showed up Jay-Z on his own album on "Brooklyn's Finest".

-A-+ (not to be confused with the Souls of Mischief MC/Producer) released his debut LP, The Latch Key Child, the Hip Hop World was taken by his youthful vigor and an Adult outlook on life (he was 13 when the LP was released) and dope beats (some from Buckwild) and guests like Q-Tip, AZ and Prodigy from Mobb Deep.

-Poor Righteous Teachers released their dope 4th LP, The New World Order which featured KRS One, Nine, Brother J, Junior Reid, The Fugees and Sluggy Ranks and was their last album for the Profile records label.

-Japanese producer DJ Honda released his first collaboration LP, DJ Honda in the US (after a 1995 Japan release) which led to production and many other albums with US Hip Hop artists, DJ Honda I featured Gang Starr, Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Def Jef, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Common, Melle Mel, Prince Whipper Whip, Kurtis Blow and Donald-D and the legendary Afrika Bambaata and DJ Jazzy Jay amongst others.

-Kool Keith got even crazier (if that was even on the amusing and fun Dr Octagon-Dr. Octagonecologyst LP where he joined Dan The Automater and the phemenomal DJ Q-Bert.

UK Hip Hop...

-The Brotherhood released the Elementalz LP which to this day remains one of my all time fave UK Hip Hop albums.

-The Big Dada label formed started up by UK Hip Hop writer and music legend Will Ashon.

-The Scratch Perverts (DJ's Plus One, Prime Kuts and Tony Vegas) (UK) formed.

-Blak Twang was voted the best UK Rap artist at the Brits and he released his first album Dettwork Southeast.

-Cutmaster Swift won the UK DJ championships.

-Lewis Parker released the B-Boy Antiks EP

-Lee Ramsay (Out Da Ville) released the "R.D. Style" 12"

-Skitz and Roots Manuva released the "Where My Mind At" 12"

-releases from the likes of The Creators, Fun-Da-Mental, Unsung Heroes, Numskullz, Deckwrecka, Kaliphz, Earthling, Herbaliser, London Posse, New Flesh For Old, Intelligent Madness, Pure Genius, Funky Fresh Few, Cash Crew and many others.


-DJ Noize (Denmark) won the 1996 DMC World championships.

-DJ Babu went up against Total Eclipse with Total Eclipse winning in the first ITF battle
the same year Babu produced a well used and very well known breaks record...Super Duck Breaks.

Madlib's Father helped fund The LootPacks first EP, "Psyche Move" 

Peanut Butter Wolf and Stones Throw...

-Peanut Butter Wolf released his first EP with Hip Hop artists...Step On Our Egos? that featured the late, great Charizma, Clept The Contortionist, Encore (his debut), Zest Da Smoker and Subcontents and in the same year PBW gave birth to the legendary Stones Throw label...with Charimza's "My World Premiere" kicking off the label.

other albums of note:

-Bush Babees dropped the Da and released the more refined and polished Gravity LP, it featured Mos Def, Q-Tip, Razhel, and had great beats from The Ummah, Rahzel, Mr Man, Shawn J Period and Pos from De La Soul.

-Sadat-X released his first solo LP...Wild Cowboys, the LP boasted production from Diamond-D, Pete Rock, Showbiz, DJ Ogee and Buckwild and featured Shawn Black, Grand Puba, DV Alias Khrist, Money Boss Players, Deda and the late, great Roc Raida and others and even though some critics dismissed it, it was a dope debut album from the Brand Nubian member.

-America Is Dying Slowly...was a compilation album focusing on AIDS and featured O.C. Da Beatminerz, De La Soul, Chubb Rock and Biz Markie, Prince Paul, Mobb Deep, Organized Konfusion, Goodie Mob, Spice 1, Sadat X, Money Boss Players, Common, Wu Tang Clan and others.

-2-Pac's All Eyez On Me LP achieved platinum sales in just 4 hours and went to the top spot on Billboard and was the first double Rap album, he was also shot and killed after attending a boxing match in September and although some people have come forward with bits and pieces of information, Pac's murder has never been solved.

-Cella Dwellas (UG and Phantasm) released their debut LP, Realms and Reality, produced mainly by the great Nick Wiz but also had beats from Lord Digga and Megahertz and featured the singles "Good Dwellas", "Land Of The Lost" and "Advance To Boardwalk".


 -Mad Skills released his debut LP, From Where??? which had top notch rhymes from Mad Skillz and his crew over great beats from The Beatnuts, Large Professor, the late, great J-Dilla, Buckwild, Nick Wiz, Shawn J Period, Clark Kent and EZ Elpee.

The Roots released the superb Illadelph Halflife LP which featured Dice Raw, Q-Tip, Common, D'Angleo, Ursula Rucker, Bahamadia and others with production from The Ummah, ?uest Love, Rhazel, LA Jay, Kelo and Grand Negaz, Chaos and Scratch.

Smoothe Da Hustler released his debut LP, Once Upon A Time In America after blazing up turntables, tape decks and stereos and radio shows with the raw as hell "Broken Language" single the previous year...the album featured his partner in rhyme Trigga Da Gambler, DV Alias Khrist with the majority of the LP produced by DR Period.

-Fashion from The Beatnuts changed his name to Al' Tariq and dropped the underground classic God Connections LP on the short lived Correct records label, the album featured Rawcotiks, The Beatnuts, Black Attack, Problemz, Mista Sinista and beats were provided by The Beatnuts, NO I.D, Lucien and V.I.C.

-Large Professor released his first solo 12"s "The Mad Scientist" and "I Juswannachill" was signed to Geffen and was subsequently dropped leaving The LP in the vaults until it circulated as a bootleg and was later given a proper release.

-DJ Shadow released the classic and very interesting Entroducing album that was an perfect example of what digging in the crates and beat making was all about, a great lisiten from start to finish and even more of a thrill when you dig to see what samples Shadow had actually used... it was re-released in 2005 as a deluxe edition.

other notable artists that released dope music in 96...

108 dragons
2 Demented  
4th Quarter
5 Elementz      
7 Universal
Absent Minded
ABU Nation  
AK Skills
Alley High  
Alps Cru
Annexx Clique
Babigezus and Da Allstars
Beat Factory Esssentials
Big Kwam
Big Twabb
Biz Markie
Black Anger
Blind Mice
Brainsick Enterprize       
Brainwash 2000
Branded Black
Brass Tacks      
Brothers Grimm  
Call O Da Wild  
Camouflage Large
Camp Lo
Centa Of Da Web
Chino XL
Chris Styles
Company Flow
Complete Unit  
Concrete Mob
Cool Manu Badns
Corrupt Empire
Couzin Steve
Crimedanch Cartel 
Crime Lords
Crime Scene     
Crime Unit
Cypress Hill (single and Unreleased and Revamped EP)

Dead Poets Society
Da Fat Cat Clique
Da Funk
Da Noe Doe Network
Da Naba Hood Threat
Da Phathedz
Da Shaup Productions
Dark Sun Riders
Delinquent Habits
Derelect Camp
Diemen X
Digital Underground 
Discreet Records-Nodyaheadtodis
DJ Krush
DJ Spinna
Doo Dirty   
Down To Erf
Drama Klub
Dungeon Squad
Dysfunkshunal Familee
Eastflatbush House of Reps
Flipside Magicians
Foundtation & Rezidue
Fort Greene Assassins      
Geto Boys
Ghetto Concept
Grand The Vistor
Heather B
Hobo Junction   
Homeliss Derelix      
House of Reps
Hyenas In The Desert   
Ill Advised       
Ill Distracxion
Jam D.O.T.
Jedi Mind Tricks
Joey Chavez
Kaotic Style
Killa Instinct
Killa Kidz  
Kool G Rap 
Large Professor
Legendary Villain
Lewis Parker
Lord Digga
Lord Finesse
Lord V.I.  
Mad Shorties
Maestro (Fresh Wes)
Main One
Mama Mystique
Mass Vinyl
MC Eiht
Mic Rippa
Microphone Terrorists   
Mind Space
 Mixed Elements  
Mountain Brothers
Mr Voodoo
Natives From Da Underground
Natural Mystics
Natural Resource
Nipskcab Fam 
Non Phixion
No I.D.
O Da Addict
One and One
Paula Perry
People Without Shoes 
Percee P 
Preacher Earl
Phil Blunts
Polecat (Street Poets)
Pos Neg
Prince A.D and Psycho Child 
Punk Barbarians 
RA The Rugged Man
Raw Breed
Raw Producer
Reckanize & Mr Sta Puff   
Red Eye
Red Foo & Dre Koon
Redd Bull
Rick Da Bro
Roddy Rod (mcenroe)
Rose Family
Rugged Scientist
Ruph Headz
Scientifik (R.I.P.)
Scott Lark
Shabaam Sahdeeq
Shabazz The Disciple
Shadez of Brooklyn 
ShamusShazam X
Shorty Long
Shrlock Da Madman
Slum Brothers
Soul Kid Klik
Soul Survivors 
Special Ed
Stikken Moov
Street Smartz
Survival Series 11355
The Beatnuts
The Dangerous Crew
The Principle
Tainted Mindz
The Candy Store
The Crash Crew
The Exmen
The High and The Mighty
The Lost Trybe of Hip Hop
Too Short
Tribal Music
Trife & D-Mob
Tru Form
Various Blends
Ve Borne
X-tra Pleza
War Click 
Young Gifted
Young Zee

and more than a few others

*Big props to Sean BD for reminding me of some I missed.

-Brick records (Boston) formed, their roster included a number of underground Hip Hop faves, Insight, Mr Lif, Reks, Scum, MF Doom and MF Grimm, Lucky Dice and many others.

On The Local Tip (New Zealand)...


-DLT and Che Fu released "Chains" which ripped up dancefloors, blasted radios and stayed at the top of the charts for a number of weeks.

-Wellington's own DJ Goosh won the first official, 2nd place was Sean T and 3rd place was DJ Pop Up at the Wellington DJ battle at Globe Bar, the Wellington DJ battles were started by DJ Rhys B.

-OMC (R.I.P.) released "How Bizarre" and it became a massive local and Worldwide success.
-South Auckland's The Deceptikonz formed.

-Dam Native released the classic "Behold My Kool Style" single and video.

-Chris Graham directed Frankie Cutlass "You and You" with Redman and Sadat X and F.Cutlass in New York.

-DJ Raw was putting out independent mix-tapes that customers were scooping up.
-Mikki D recorded "The Mikki" with DJ Raw.

check this ill 96 dopeness...

Adagio-The Obvious Joint 

Constant Deviants-Competition Catch Speed Knots


Ill Advised-Through The Eye Of A Needle

Lace Da Booms-Cut That Weak Shit

Various Blends-The Dopess

Brainwash 2000-Break It Down 

Ill Biskits-Bare Essentials

Screwball-Screwed Up

De La Soul-Stakes Is High

East Flatbush Project-Tried By 12

Large Professor and Pete Rock-The Rap World


The Roots-Concertro of The Desperado

Sick Lyrical Damager-It's Over

MOP Top-I'm Alright

Mr Voodoo-Hemlock
 NO I.D.-The Real Weight


A Tribe Called Quest-Phony Rappers

Jungle Brothers-How Ya Want It

Redman-Rock Da Spot

LOD-I Feel It

Tommy Gunn-Fear

Kwest The Madd Ladd-101 Things To Do...

 Real Live-Pop The Trunk

Royal Flush-Rotten Apple

INI-Fakin Jax

The Brotherhood-Mad Headz

Brainsick Entaprize-Mixmaster USA

De La Soul & Da Beatminerz-The Hustle

Big Shug-Crush 

Blahzay Blahzay-Don't Let This Rap Shit Fool You

Wu-Tang Clan-America

Clept The Contortionist-Rappers Delight II


Da Naba Hood Threat-Represent Groundz

Heltah Skeltah-Operation Lockdown

Hi-Tech-Book of Life

 Natural Resource-Baseball (Jean Grae's first group)

Jeru-One Day
MOP ft Kool G Rap-Stick 2 Ya Gunz


PMD-Rugged and Raw 

Shadez of Brooklyn-When It Rains It Pours
Black Twang-Real Estate

Camp Lo-Lucini
The Arsonists-The Session

J-Live-Braggin Writes (DJ Spinna Remix) 


Biz Markie -Studda Step

Artifacts-The Ultimate
Mobb Deep-More Trife Life

The Roots-Clones

Keith Murray-The Rhyme (The Ummah Remix)
Big Noyd-Usual Suspects (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

Nine-Lyin’ King
Kool G Rap ft Nas-Fast Life (Norfside Remix)

Al' Tariq-Think Not


Jigmastas-Beyond Real


Hyenas In The Desert-Why Me?

Innersoul-How Ya Gonna Do It?

Street Smartz ft OC & Pharaohe Monch-Metal Thangz

Ghostface Killah ft Raekwon-Motherless Child

AK Skills-Nights of Fear

Company Flow-Info Kill

Percee-P-Nowhere Near Simple

MF Grimm-Emotions

SESH-Definition Sesh


Cypress Hill ft Erick Sermon, Redman & MC Eiht-Throw Ya Hands In The Air (Remix)

Please leave your thoughts and memories from 1996 in the comments section...who have I missed?

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a great trip down memory lane and a lot of fun to complete.


Keep the True Hip Hop alive!!! 



verge said...

Ho-Lee-Shit! Mad comprehensive, I'll be going through this post for weeks. Thanks Jaz and great work!

jcmoss33 said...

YOU WENT IN!!! WOW! It's hard to believe how much good material came out back then. This REALLY puts it in perspective. Thanks for your hard work, bro. Chris.

Jaz said...

Verge and Chris massive big ups fam...your comments mean a lot, mad appreciated, thanks for checking and enjoying this Back To 96 post :)

Jaz said...

Verge and Chris massive big ups fam...your comments mean a lot, mad appreciated, thanks for checking and enjoying this Back To 96 post :)

Markshot said...

Sheeeit Jaz, great post. It will take me time to read it all.
Add Cypress Hill - Unreleased & Revamped.
Don't know if it you count artist/groups who had released only vinyl singles.


Jaz said...

Thanks Markshot...will add the Cypress Hill...and yep if it was dope and worth remembering then yeah.

ral278 said...

holy muthafu??in cowshiat! that is an awesome piece of blog-entry! damn man, much respect for the work! took me some mins already to skim thru it so tonite gonna have sum to read!
96 was a great vintage for the sort of rap I love .... the stuff u review here is pure memories!!! thanks homie, mad thanks!

Jaz said...

haha thanks a lot ral, mad appreciated fam, really glad you enjoyed it :)

DJ Detroit Butcher said...

This is probably the best post on here, and I've been coming here a LONG time so that's saying something big. '96 for life!

Jaz said...

Thanks a lot DJ Detroit Butcher...mad appreciated fam.


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