Apollo Brown vs Black Milk...

 Apollo Brown:

Apollo Brown and Black Milk are two of my fave producers these days, I have been a fan of both for a number of years, I first heard Black Milk beats in the early 00's and Apollo Brown's beats around about 2008.

Both producers hail from Detroit (stand up) and picked up the torch from the late, great J-Dilla after he sadly passed away in 2006.

both are really dope, craft some great head nodding beats and both are quite prolific in their output, but my question is...who is the doper producer to you and why?

Apollo Brown who is signed to the great Mello Music Group label first emerged on the scene with his dope instrumental LP Skilled Trade in 2007 and then went on to work with and produce and/or remix for the likes of...

Magestik Legend
Past Due
Ro Spit
Verbal Kent
Buff 1
Danny Brown
Kenn Starr
Boog Brown
5 Ela (aka 5 Elementz)
Flow 'Etic 
Grap Luva 
Rapper Pooh (Little Brother)
Diamond District
Stik Figa
John Robinson
Prince Po
The Regiment

Apollo has since released a slew of dope albums with his trademark soul and blues drenched chops and drums and warm basslines in the past few years...

Make Do (2009)
The Reset (2010)
Boog Brown & Apollo Brown (UPS)-Brown Study (2010)
Clouds (2011)
and his group The Left with Journalist 103 and DJ Soko who released the ill Gas Mask LP in 2010.

and the awesome new LP with Hasaan Mackey titled Daily Bread

Black Milk:

Black Milk also gets busy on the mic and produces and first made his impact in 2002 with Ten Speed and Brown Shoe (Milk, Name Tag and Ahk) they appered on Slum Village's Dirty District mixtape LP, Black Milk  was also a part of BR Gunna (Black Milk, Young RJ and Fat Ray) and is also part of super group Random Axe with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson.
Black Milk has gone to produce and/or remix for the likes of...

Buckshot and KRS One
Starang Wondah
Phat Kat
Pharoahoe Monch
Strange Fruit Project
Guilty Simspon
Buff 1
Royce Da 5 9
Brookyln Academy
5 Ela
Rustee Jux
Marv Won
Blame One 
Now On
MC Breed (R.I.P.) 
Jack White
 from 2005 onwards Black Milk has released the following...

Album Of The Year (2010)
Tronic (2008)
By Popular Demand (2007)
Calitroit (2008)
The Set Up (2009)
Sound of The City (2005)


 You have seen the impressive resumes of both, so who in your opinion is the dopest of the two?




lost.tapes.claaa7@gmail.com said...

i like how you really know your facts about Apollo Brown, thanks to your list there i've now got albums to check out that i didn't even know he released. i've mainly listened to The Left, Clouds and the one with Hasaan Mackey. i'm also trying to get my hands on a single song produced by him by an artist called Flow'etic - if you got this song (and also the track featuring OC from the same LP you know i'd appreciate it)!

like i said on the forum though, based on what I've heard from these two monsters i'm going with Black Milk but it's not that far at all. keep up your work with the blog homie!


SniperInTheMist said...

The answer has to be Black Milk, simply because I don't think many albums from ANYONE, never mind just Apollo Brown, were able to match "Album of the Year" from 2010 in that year.

Not to mention Milk's contribution to Random Axe.

jcmoss33 said...

Nice post. I do like Black Milk but I think I have to side with Apollo Brown on this one. Appreciate the hard work you do, Jaz. Be cool...Spank

Jaz said...

Thanks for all of the comments fellas...mad appreciated...claaa7...I have only heard that O.C. track off the Flow'etic album sorry.

Nathan said...

I have to go with Apollo Brown. Actually by a very large margin too. I am not sure why, but I am not a big fan of Black Milk. Maybe I need to re-listen to some of his stuff, but with Apollo Brown there is nary a beat that is not superb. I drool with anticipation whenever I hear a new Apollo Brown joint is going to be coming out whether it be solo or collaboration.


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