1993-Baby Chill-Wake Up Call LP (unreleased)

I first saw this album (or at least a form of this album) reviewed in a Rap Pages magazine from 1993 and from memory it was listed as Baby Chill and The Secret Squirrels...the review intrigued me and I always wanted to hear it..I asked in all the record stores back in the days and some Friends in the US and UK and they had never heard of it...so a massive thanks goes out to my Man Matt Nyce that hooked me up with this album...

Wake Up Call came from the late, great Tony D not long before he sadly passed, Baby Chill left this earth sometime in the 90's but sadly there is no info about him or his passing...it's a dope album with classic breaks and dope samples produced by Tony-D (I am pretty sure he did all of the beats on this album...if anyone knows otherwise, please drop a comment.

New Jersey's Baby Chill was a member of The Funk Family and Blaque Spurm who released the Spurmicidal Tendencies LP (repressed in 2008) and he also appeared on "Good Morning Vietnam" by the Central Jersey Allstars 

On the Wake Up Call rip there are a couple of jumps in a few tracks but they are not overly bad...

Edit: This lost album will be released on vinyl soon, along with all of the Funk Family, Blaque Spurm etc material and releases on CD to follow.

I'm just really grateful to be able to hear this, as I am sure you will be :)

Baby Chill-Wake Up Call

1-The Graveyard
2-Blak Sperm
3-Forecast Is Rain
4-I'm On Your Dick
5-Pass The Sugar Daddy
7-6 O'Clock Sunrise
8-Who's The Man
10-I Pimped The Nun
11-Jersey To Jupiter
12-Peep The Pimps
13-Wake Up Call

My fave cut from the LP...

After some dusty magazine digging...I found the review from Rap Pages from October 1993...here is a scan

R.I.P. Baby Chill and Big ups to to his brother Fyne for the contact and kind words, mad appreciated fam.

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