March 15, 2010

Gasoline Monk - Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book

I have to admit that I haven't heard this yet, but it does sound very interesting...please read on

In affiliation with Swallowdown Press, Gasoline Monk releases a new full-length mixtape, Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book.

Gasoline Monk is a hybrid artist from Boston who makes Hip Hop and books. He’s released
several titles under the name Forrest Armstrong, with another coming out May 2010 through Swallowdown Press.

This mixtape is the soundtrack to it.

Gasoline Monk’s hip hop and texts are a surrealistic meditation on the unfolding digital urban landscape.

Think Madlib meets Godspeed You Black Emperor with the grit atmospherics of Black Moon. Each song is a scene translated into sound, building collage dreamscapes out of anything from jazz and Motown to post rock and Jodorowsky films.

Available as a CD or for free download at
More information on Swallowdown Press can be found at

Thanks for the Props Gasoline Monk

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