EPMD and Oh No live in Melbourne (2009)

"MC's out there you better stand clear..."

Oh Yes Y'all, Yes Y'all (Kick It E)...I was crazy fortunate to be able to stay in a beautiful little seaside village called Williamstown with my younger brother D (thanks for everything and I mean everything, love you bro) while I patiently waited for Friday night to roll around and even though I am now back in Wellington, New Zealand, I still can't quite believe that yes I finally got to see EPMD tear shit up on stage and being that it was their first time in Australia, I felt very lucky to be there.

Oh No (Madlib's younger brother for those not in the know) was really just a great bonus, or as Erick Sermon said "Fuck Oh No, I had no idea you were that nice"
(or something similar anyway)

The show was at the Espy (Esplanade Hotel) where I had seen People Under The Stairs and Atmosphere, Brother Ali and P.O.S. perform dope shows before and the warm up and support DJ Mark 563 rocked some straight up 90's classic with precision beat mixing, I thought the Low Budget crew okay, but a little well...boring, personally I think it would be better if it was 2 MC's going back and forth rather than just one MC
, I just didn't find them that good, then Oh No came out all hooded up and basically blessing the M.I.C. with his trademark ill beats and when Oh wanted the sound to be a bit louder or whatever, then Oh did that shit by himself and left the DJ looking a little bit silly, Oh was dope and he ran through a few solo tracks and tracks off The Disrupt album, with the highlight being the J-Dilla (R.I.P.) produced banger "Move" making the heads roar in appreciation, myself included, I had a good spot where I was and met some dope cats (what's good Mark, Alex Louie and Kris) they were all feeding off the live energy and when PMD took the stage and got the crowd to ask for Erick, the place erupted with loud chants, whistles and appreciation.

E came out and EPMD formed and then proceeded to rock the shit out of the Espy, running through a series of their greatest hits
"You A Customer", "It's My Thing","Crossover" "Golddigger" (with E & P saying that Kanye bit that shit ha ha), "Rampage" (with E's verse as an accapella),"So Wat Cha Sayin", "Headbanger" (with Oh No nodding his head like crazy on the side of the stage) "Richter Scale", "Da Joint" (twice, both times had the crowd hyped liked they had ten pounds of coffee) "You Gots To Chill".

E & P also rocked some solo shit including PMD's "Ruff, Rugged and Raw" and E's "React", it was very clear that E & P enjoyed this crowd and they said sorry that it had taken them 20 years to get to Oz
I thought this show was just mad incredible and from screaming out lyrics and yelling so much, I lost my voice, it's still croaky (lol) check out Mark 563's blog for video footage and pics


Major super duper crazy props to Fresh Pair Promotions for putting this show on and thanks to Pip for broadening her horizons and coming to the show, thank you for your generosity and sorry we missed each other after the show.

Here are some of the pics I took, I'm kind...I didn't post the blurry ones.

Oh No




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