CRDS Presents Da Ladies Are In Da House Volume 1...

crazy props to Werk for the cover

"All the Ladies in the house, the ladies, the ladies"...

What's good party people?

I recently got a text from my close and very good friend and homeskillet Apsara and she asked me what was some good Hip Hop from the Ladies?, so I gave her a few suggestions, but then I thought, you know what, I am going to do up a dope compilation for her and share it on the blog as well.

...and I definitely know I am not the first to do a compilation of all Women Hip Hop, as their was the Fat Beats and Bra Straps comps
Ho1ogramz has done some very ill compilations of the more obscure and rare Female Hip Hop on her blog and has breakdowns of the tracks.

I have gone through quite a few CD's and files to come up with this and I am pretty happy with the outcome, for the record MC Lyte is my favourite Female Hip Hop artist, whoever I missed on this round, I will get them on the next volume...

Also, The D.A. from the infamous Hobo Junction dropped one of my all time favourite Female (I refuse to say Femcees) Hip Hop joints with the ill "Oh Yeah" and I wish DJ Premier and Paula Perry did more than the one dope as hell "Xtra Xtra" and yes a DJ Premier production appears here more than once, there is a dope Pete Rock remix of Champ MC's-"Keep It On The Real" (one of my all time fave Pete Rock remixes), a rare Large Professor remix of a forgotten Roxanne Shante track...oh look it's all good...let me know what you think.

To the dope ladies (not the wack ones like Nikki Minaj etc) in Hip Hop past and present, the CRDS blog salutes you.


1-Queen Latifah-Wrath Of My Madness (Produced by DJ Mark The 45 King)
2-Shazzy-I'll Talk (Produced by The SD50's)
3-Apani B Fly Emcee-Strive (Produced by Nujabes)
4-Nefertiti-Miss Amutha Nature (Produced by DJ Pooh)
5-Big C-Look Alive (Produced by Diamond D)
6-The 45 King ft Lady Champain & Big Pooh-Drop Da Bomb
7-Paula Perry-Xtra Xtra (Produced by DJ Premier)
8-Bahamadia-Rugged Ruff (Produced by DJ Premier)
9-Champ MC-Keep It On The Real (Pete Rock Remix)
10-MC Lyte-Cappuccino (Produced by Marley Marl)
11-Rah Digga-Lessons of Today (Produced by DJ Premier)
12-Queen Mother Rage-Slipping Into Darkness (Produced by Brother J & Professor X)
13-D.A.(Hobo Junction)-Oh Yeah (Produced by Big Nous)
14-Yo Yo-Mackstress (Produced by Crazy Toones)
15-Lyrics-Woman In The Ghetto (Produced by Nolan Baynes)
16-Sah-B-Summa Day (Produced by Marley Marl)
17-Jean Grae-How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend (Produced by M-Boogie)
18-Passion-As The World Turns (Produced by Erick Sermon)
19-The Real Roxanne ft Chubb Rock-Gear (Produced by the Trackmasterz)
20-Roxanne Shante-Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)
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