Jaz Presents The JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape Vol-2

You asked for it...so here it is...

1-Bee Why-Good Die Young *Unreleased until 2007
from the Lost Tapes 2007

From the seriously dope and essential The Lost Tapes collections, I first got the Bee Why-The Boros 12" when it first got released in 1997, but I had no idea who Bee was and that it was Ayatollah behind the boards.

I always loved that record and it always got phone calls when I played it on radio and a number of "shit who was that?" questions when I played it out, get the Lost Tapes anyway you can because Bee Why was easily one of Queens finest and the hypnotic piano and slow drums that Gee The Nutty Professor supplied for Bee Why are as addictive as.......insert your addiction here.

The better news is next year there will be more unreleased Bee Why tracks, he is a Family Man these days, but he knows and appreciates that kids are checking for him.

2-Omnisence-Greatest MC In The World
from the Raw Factor LP (Unreleased-1995)

Attention Traffic Entertainment, please see if you can get hold of the masters for this dope unreleased album:

What can I say about this?, an ill De La Soul sample from Ego Trippin, cool and amusing rhymes from Omni over a great jazz loop, deep bassline and lovely horns, I miss this type of sound so much.

3-The Jaz-It's Your Nature
from the Ya Don't Stop EP (1991)

Um nope not me, but he of Hawaiian Sophie fame and being Jay-Z's ex rhyming partner years ago and now known as Jaz-O, (DJ Premier has hooked up him a couple of nice beats over the years) this track sported a deep bassline, hard jazzy drums, snippets of some infamous Sly and The Family Stone drums, some ill organ touches and horns for the hook all produced by the great Large Professor.

4-Tribal Jam-Planet F'Yall
from the 9 2 5 12" (1994)

A small independent release that I was lucky enough to get recently as this one had been on my wishlist for more than a few years and man what a gem it is, freaking classic funk samples and a vocal hook I know but can't place right now.(I come ready to crush an adversary)

It doesn't even sound like it's from 1994 and the other track, 9 2 5 is a gem as well, this would have been featured on other blogs before, but if you haven't heard it then enjoy...good looking out Smoov

5-De'1 ft L.O.T.U.G & Sah-B-Da Underground Sound
from the 16 With A Bullet 12" (1993)

I would like to dedicate this one to Dan Love (from the very dope www.fromdabricks.blogspot.com), produced by Marley Marl and using the same horns for Showbiz and AG's Fat Pockets classic, a Digital Underground sample, fat drums, deep bass and true nineties lyrics about wrecking the mic, how much flavour they have and bieng as bugged on the mic as they can.

I only ever had this dubbed of a mixtape in the 90's so you can understand I appreciate it more, De'1 only ever had the one 12" in 1993 but also appeared on the Lords of The Underground's Flow On and Scarface's True Homies in 1994 and then vanished.

(Thanks to Werner for the pic)

6-Smooth Ice-Trunk of Funk (Remix)*
from the Smooth But Def 12" (1990)

Smooth Ice lived up to his name, the dude was smooth and he sounds great over these Impeach drums and familiar James Brown samples (used by The 45 King, Das EFX and many others) as he rhymes about how fly his Cadillac is and that it's a hotel on wheels and that it's 4 wheels of luxury when he macks, it is completed with the Run DMC cut as the hook, search out his self titled debut album if you hadn't heard it.

*Especially for Soopacee

7-Robbie B & DJ Jazz-Funk It Up
from the Comin Correct LP (1990)

The fist duo to sign to Ruffhouse Records was Philly legends Robbie B and DJ Jazz, Funk It Up is a great slice of 1990's Hip Hop, a basic drum loop,bubbling keyboards and a fat bassline, an old sample I know but can't think of right now,DJ Jazz cutting it up and of course Robbie's rhymes are all about being dope and hype, feeling the bass and being from Philly and although the album has some moments of cheese, it is worth checking out.

8-UMC's-Never Never Land (Remix)
from the Fruits of Nature LP (1991)

Who do you see kids?

Staten Island's Kool Kim (aka NYOIL) and Hass G will always be remembered for the jazzy, soulful and laid back funk of 1991's Fruits of Nature album, It is an album that has stood the test of time and sounds just as good as today.

There isn't a weak track on it and I enjoy the remix of Never Never Land slightly more than the original, the JB drums are in effect, as is the organ and the kids, I love the kids vocals on this.

9-Kero One-Check The Blueprints (Japan only 12" Remix)(2003)
from the Kero One Presents The Plug Label (2007)

It baffles me that this dope DJ/Producer and MC is not more known, the dude is so smooth with it and the way he loops up stuff and programs his drums or his use of breaks reminds me of the Sound Providers.

Kero rocks a a great Biz Markie vocal sample, a rolling piano loop, bass and drums and it's just well lovely...(how I let my mind float :D)

Look for Kero's Plug Label compilation online at his website http://www.pluglabel.com

10-The B.U.M.S.-Wreck Your Ears (Can Do)
from the Life N Tyme LP (1995)

Ahhhhh the Brothas Under Madness, how could they do just the one album and leave us fans?, it just wasn't right, still we will always have their great debut album to listen to and this was one of the highlights for me.

Joe Quixx laced MC's E.Vocalist and D-Wize with such smooth drums and bass, classic James Brown and Rakim vocal samples and a hypnotic guitar loop= a recipe for perfection if you ask me.

11-Raw Fusion-Freaky Note (Freak Mix)
from the Freaky Note 12" (1994)

Man did Money-B have one of the illest and raspy voices in Hip Hop or what?, I have always felt he was under rated and wish he still made music, both Raw Fusion's albums were dope and this remix is a breezy and laidback cut bordering on porno soundtrack music (lol) and that's all it is about as Money B tells us what he does with the freaks, this remix is better than the original and the B-Side non LP track is dope as well.

12-3rd Degree-Better Days
from the Better Days 12" (1997) and Walkmen Rotation CD (1996)

Back in the late 90's, it felt that there was going to be a massive influx of quality Hip Hop coming out of Seattle via Conception Records.

For a few years there was and we got some dope records from Kutfather,Diamond Mercenaries and Eclipse and others, also Jake One produced a great deal of the best tracks as did the label head
Mr Supreme did as well including this awesome track, consisting of a deep and dark bassline, fat drums and a sample that Grand Puba used on his 2000 album (I have forgotten who the original artist was sorry)...I love this and always have.

13-INI-Keep On
unreleased 1995?

Basically if you have not heard this... it's INI, it's Pete Rock looping up the Skull Snaps drums,a lovely muffled sample and a Big Daddy Kane vocal sample to great effect and a big THANKS to my boys Magnifik and Illest 22 from our forum for the hook up

Please join if you haven't, it's always good to have new members that appreciate the great Mr Phillips.


14-Cheif Kamachi ft A.G.-The Meanin (They Don't Know)
from The Meanin' 12" (1999)

This is great and always got the heads nodding when I would play it out or calls on the radio show, it's just a dope track with cool De La Soul and Main Source vocal samples, The Bronx's AG is up first and then Philly's Kamachi and it just works and sound great thanks to Cas One's work behind the boards.

If I am being honest, I don't think Kamachi sounds right with the Army of The Pharaohs and think he needs a producer like Cas One again.

15-Brand Nubian-Scientists of Sound
from the Time Is Running Out LP (2007-unreleased until this year)

Ahhhh now this is the Brand Nubian we know and love, Grand Puba, Sadat X and Lord Jammar, spitting venom over a basic but ill low piano loop and drums put together by Grand Pu and the great Lord Finesse and is in my opinion the best cut of the Time Is Running Out album, I don't like Brand Nu when they do watered down poppy shit, it's just not them.

16-J Love and Large Professor-Cool
from the Rap Professionals 12" (1999)

Thanks to who hooked me up with this here at my blog, this is Large Pro being as smooth as can be over some slowed down drums and string and harp samples...hmmmmm mmmmmm...it is good, I have no idea what J-Love's part is in this because he isn't screaming or shouting over the track...lol, actually he is credited as producing it and Large Pro just rhymed over. it..but I don't know, I had the 12" once but it got it stolen.

17-Capital Tax-I Can't Believe It (Bleedat Mix)
from the I Can't Believe It 12" (1993)

They only had the one album The Swoll Package, but East Oakland's* Capital Tax made some great music in their short lived career, this has a Jazz Mix and a Funk Mix but I chose this mix as the best one, just listen to those horns, bass and drums and take a trip back....ahhhhhh.

*Why didn't the anon poster tell us where they were actually from instead of just saying they weren't from DC...how does that help anyone?


18-Barbershop MC's-Music, Money & Women
from the Music,Money & Women 12" (1999)

It's a shame that the Barbershop MC's (Barbershop Drevin, Chocolate Tye,Phil Da Agony,Barbershop SK,& The Barber Kiz and Chuck Hustle)
because they all sound dope over this flute laced laidback track and thier other tracks were worth hearing as well.

I'm not feeling the Strong Arm Steady material to be honest and I honestly believe that Phil Da Agony should do a whole album with E-Swift and then work on a full Barbershop MC's album, it just seems that both of these should have happened.

19-Kinetic Order-Swing High

Big Thanks to Roy Johnson for this, more Chicago illness, this track is just nuts and I listen to a lot, a rare Chicago underground gem and I am going to let the music speak for itself on this one.

20-Kali Tribe-Kalism
from the Kali Tribe-Kalism EP (1993)

I wish I could tell you more about this, but there is very little info on this crew, their sound was dope though and quite unique, sporting a nice Kool and The Gang loop, horns and a low pitched sample, with tight cuts of lyrics from Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MC's for the hook.

I liked that these kids blended both West and East Coast styles and made it work the rest of the tracks on the EP are pretty solid as well.

the jvc tapedeck fat tape vol 2

part 1


part 2


Lastly, I had an idea that would never happen but wouldn't be dope if we had a rap supergroup called The House of Lords and it had members

Lord Finesse
Lord Jammar
Lord Sear

Lord Digga

The Funk Lord (Erick Sermon)

Lords of The Underground
Lord Radio

Overlord X

Lord Alibaski
Lord Shafeeyq

Lord Ishawn

Lordz of Brooklyn

Lord 360

Lord Tasheem
Lord Zen

Lord Vader

what do you think?, did I miss anyone?

Peace Outttttttttttttttttttttttt


Catch It :D

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