J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Grand Puba - "Fat Rat" (1991)

The movie was extremely forgettable (I honestly could not tell you one actor that was in it) but the soundtrack released way back in 1991 contained one of my all time fave Grand Puba tunes "Fat Rat" (Puba's first solo joint?) that sampled the classic 1982 Fonda Rae tune "Over Like A Fat Rat", Grand Pu was behind the boards and he didn't just lazily loop it straight up he cut out vocal sections to dope effect.

Grand Pu went for broke on this and his rhymes and overdubs are hilarious ("uh uhhh huhhh") and his rhymes about skins and weed are delivered in a classic Grand Puba Maxwell style.

Grand Puba still makes music to this day to varying quality but his latest album had some dope cuts and he is indeed a legendary vocalist and producer with a lengthy resume of singles, albums and guest appearances dating all the way back to 1986.

Keep rising to the top!

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