2016 - J.M.S. Presents-The Daily Commute Vol One

Peace (Phife)

I had some spare time from Daddy duties so I was finally able to finish this up haha...word is born! man I don't know about you but I love riding on the train/bus in the mornings and evenings with a good compilation of medicine in my headphones to start the day right or end the day and set off the evening right...so here is one I have put together of all 2016 music in the hopes that you will enjoy this music as much as I do on your daily commute (if you have one) and that you find something new and interesting in the compilation.

2016 - J.M.S. Presents-The Daily Commute Vol One

02-no will-hudgrove
03-doppelgangaz-relax yo mind
05-ian ewing-palms
06-zuper-too early
08-facing jinx-all my love
11-ark patrol-primo (whynnel remix)
12-edward vanzet-everyday
13-elo method-kaya
14-phife diggy-nutshell
15-kaytranada-bus ride ft karriem riggins and river tiber
17-raine-our own
18-jason nolan-angel grove
19-submotion orchestra - needs ft. andrew ashong (seb wildblood remix)
20-kučka-honey (medasin remix)
21-phase 2 - the floor
22-koresma-far away coast
23-ab jo-mantra grooves
25-michl-when you loved me least (ghost loft remix)

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