Nick Wiz – Cellar Sounds Volume 4: 1992-1998

Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds Volume 4

No Sleep Recordings and production master Nick Wiz, return with the long-awaited fourth installment of the “Cellar Sounds” 2CD series. Again, this is a treasure chest of vintage mid-90's underground Hip-Hop; the majority of which has never been heard before! Again, Nick showcases why his studio “The Cellar” was a key location in the NJ/NYC underground scene. His unique fusion of filters, horns, smacking SP-1200 drums and dense bass-lines gave his work a signature sound and it is also why Wiz was the producer of choice for the legendary series of Echo Unlimited / Lyricist Lounge cassettes, “Underground Airplay”.

Still, Nick Wiz was most noted for his contributions to the Cella Dwellas “Realms and Reality” debut, as well as albums from the likes of Rakim, Mad Skillz, Chubb Rock and others. In between putting in work on these major label releases, he still dedicated himself to the cause of the unsigned artist. Prolific to say the least, Wiz constantly ran sessions and developed several groups at a time.

Artists like Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ran Reed, Chino XL, and Pudgee were mainstays in the underground radio- dominated Nineties scene, while others like Hardwe’re and Gauge the Mental Murderah are best remembered from sought after “random rap” 12”s. While a lot of the material produced and recorded by Wiz did find its way to release, countless other tracks remained stored away on DAT tapes for over a decade.

Found on this incredible 2CD set are selections from the highly collectable “Underground Airplay” tapes, unreleased remixes, and obscure demos from lyricists throughout NYC and New Jersey.

Forty-six tracks in total, spanning from Wiz’s early recordings in 1992 to his zenith in 1998, this is a true time-capsule of the Nineties underground Hip-Hop sound; presented in perfect digital quality! Part eight of the “For Those That Slept” series.

Check out Nautilus-The Rain (1994)

Pick it up here and be sure to peep the first three volumes of these really dope collections...


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