Rough House Survivers-Straight From The Soul LP (1992) (Updated post and new links)

Ahhhh yes 1992 will always be fondly remembered as one of the illest years in rap music for myself personally, there was just an incredible abundance of raw talent and creativity, diversity, pure skills, personalities and singles and albums and a hell of a lot of "just drop the one album" crews and MC's who just vanished off the Hip Hop radar...

Rough House Survivers (note that there is no "O" in Survivers I was guilty of spelling it that way myself) were one of those crews...well what can I tell you about these kids...
NYC's DJ Swinn and MC's Dread OneKev, and Roberto?...well not a great deal to be honest, but this album was packed thick with horns, fat drums and deep bass lines provided by Tony Dofat and 1 joint produced by Grand Puba plus guests such as CL SmoothSadat-X and Grand Puba.

Straight From The Soul was released on Relativity records in 1992 with "Check The Backpack" as the debut single, the legendary Pete Rock did a superb remix for the B-Side
track "Rough House" in 1993...

Straight From The Soul was chock full of that signature 90's sound and that is why we come back to it so many years later, it's a shame they only had the one album and it didn't get the push it should have, this was the case with a lot of artists in the 90's sadly.

RHS also dropped a 12" in 1997 titled "You Got It" and later re-released in 1998 with a dope remix from Knobody

01 Take A Trip
02 Can U Dig It?
03 So! Survivors, We Can Rhyme
04 Straight From The Soul
05 On The Flex
06 We Come To Get Wreck (feat. Sadat X)
07 Rough House
08 Check Da Back Pack
09 Once Again
10 Stick Da Butt Out (feat. Grand Puba)

Big props to JUICY and Respecta for the 320 rip.

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