CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 1

Here is the first volume of CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav...a collection of some personal faves (Hip Hop and some Trip Hop) that I used to rock on compilation tapes, on radio and in clubs/bars and at gigs and in record stores.

The late, great Flipside Records (fat shout out to Jammo and Andee) opened their first store that Easter Weekend in Victoria Street, Wellington in 1994 and I had such a blast working at that and their old Willis Street store, we had so much dope music come through both stores and most of my pay went on records and CD's and magazines (and booze and weed) least I am honest haha...

I did pretty much all of the Hip Hop ordering through an outlet I have completely forgotten the name of haha and later in '96 with Fat Beats and around '95 with Beat Street (RIP) and also a UK label that  supplied a great deal of Trip Hop and Electronica, there always an abundance of truly talented DJ's and dedicated heads that would stop by for a chat and buy a bunch of the latest records, CD's etc and we often had DJ's on the decks get busy at both stores... and as it happens in life, I used to own a lot of photos of that store and some of my times there but unfortunately they got lost along the way...oh well at least I still have some old Flipside bags and the trusty old Flipside record bag, which was often referred to as my briefcase.

I racked my brain a little to remember certain tracks that I kind of had forgotten about and most of the artists on this compilation are still making dope music and some have sadly passed while others have just vanished into the ether or left Hip Hop and music altogether (Craig Mack I'm looking at you lol)

Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, I remember owning a lot of these recordings on cassette tape (mixtapes and home made compilations) at some stage, some on wax and the rest on CD which are in storage...if all or any of these are tracks are new to you...then enjoy equally fam. 

Also peep this dope NME post from the legendary J-Zone

RIP to the late, great Charizma and Guru

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Volume 1

1-Men With Sticks-Ode To A Blunt
2-Saafir-Can U Feel Me? (Produced by Jay-Z)
3-Gang Starr-Alongwaytogo
4-DJ Krush-Silent Ungah (Too Much Pain)
5-Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf-Just Like A Test
6-Kurious ft Psycho Les & Lucien-Top Notch (Produced by The Beatnuts)
7-Slick Rick-Cuz It's Wrong (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
8-Craig Mack-Funk Wit Da Style (Produced by Craig Mack & Ace)
9-Bas Blasta ft Fat Joe, JuJu, Lord Finesse & Godfather Don-The Rhythm (Produced by The Groove Merchantz
10-Organized Konfusion ft Large Professor-Stress (Large Professor Remix)
11-O.C.-The O-Zone (Produced by Buckwild)
12-Stezo-Bop Ya Headz
13-World Renown- Come Take A Ride (West Coast Vibe) (Produced by Blackcat & K-Def)
14-Mental Prizm-Strawberry Moon
15-Attica Blues-Contemplating Jazz

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