CRDS Presents-Knowledge Rap Samples Vol 2/Wu-Tang Tribute Party

In honour and pure excitement of the legendary KRS ONE visiting New Zealand for the first time ever next week and I keep hearing how crazy mad and dope his Australian shows have been that I get more and more hype as the days go by.

I proudly present you to the second volume of tracks that have sampled the Blastmaster's music over the years and once again I went through a umber of tracks so there will more than likely be more volumes if the heads want them and this time you can work out the samples...enjoy :)

CRDS Presents-Knowledge Rap Samples Vol 2

1-All Natural-50 Years (1998)
2-Concrete Click-Naive To The Facts (1995)
3-Big Kwam-I Don't Give A F--K (Remix) (1996)
4-The Mental 1-Bring It (1994)
5-Alps Cru-Nocturnal Illusions (1995)
6-Hard 2 Obtain-Hip Hop Lifestyles (1994)
7- Masai Bey-Radical Radio (2006)
8-Figure Uv Speech-Wick Wick Wack (1993)
9-House Of Pain-I'm A Swing It (1994)
10-Poor Righteous Teachers-Get Off The Crack (1993)
11-Rawcotiks-Hardcore Hip Hop (Street Mix II) (1996)
12-The Beatnuts-We Came Here (1994?)
13- Redman ft Hurricane G-We Run NY (1994)
14-Comptons Righteous-In Winter AIDS Attacks (1992)
15-J-Rock-Drug Dealer (DJ Premier Boombox Jeep Remix) (1991)
16-Basement Khemists-I'm Doin Ya (1999)
17-O.C.-Constables (1994)
18-Jeru The Damaja-Brooklyn Took It (1994)
19-Blahzay Blahzay-Good Cop, Bad Cop (1996)
20-NWA-Gangsta, Gangsta (1988)

Don't forget to pick up a ticket to the KRS Welli show if you haven't got yours yet.


Also if you are not doing anything the night (Thursday 19th) before the show...then check this at Fast Eddies, free pool + $5 entry fee and Wu and Wu related music on the decks all night supplied from H-Town legends Omega-B and DJ SMV and also JB The War Villain (Villians) on the mic device, this will be nothing but good vibes.

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