Has-Lo-Conversation B

Mello Music Group have knocked it out of the park yet again, this time it is rising Philadelphia MC and Producer Has-Lo...

Conversation B is a complete re-imagining/reworking of Has-Lo's dope In Case I Don't Make It album that was released earlier in 2011 and has beat contributions from...
The Audible Doctor, Kev Brown, Exile, Oddisse, Apollo Brown, ST-MIC, Small Pro, Eric Lau, IMAKEMADBEATS, Has-Lo himself (the superb "Maxwell UR" that speaks on how he remembers Hip Hop growing up) and others including my highlight off the album, the incredible "Light Years" produced by the highly under-rated J-Zone...

who currently has a book on release...Root For The Villian: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure which you can read hilarious excerpts and order the book from here...


Pick up the Conversation B album here, it is also available on a limited run of 500 vinyl copies as well...




Has-Lo also released a dope free EP "Illegally Yours with Mello Music Group and Portuguese website Illegalpromo.com and features production from DJ SoulClap, Odin Smith and Danny Diggs and a guest appearance from (Icon)The Mic King.


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