CRDS Presents-NYC Raw Volume 1

Here is the first volume of my NYC Raw compilations...this to
me is some of the rawest and dopest underground Hip Hop to ever surface from
New York in the early to mid 90's...

I just did this up as separate links as a full link takes to long too download
for some, all MP3s are 192 or higher...enjoy and by the way some of these go for some pretty hefty prices on record these days...

Volume 2 is currently in progress and being done up with (Kool) Grimme Rappuh from this ill blog...

CRDS Presents-NYC Raw Vol 1


1-Broken English Klik-Whos Da Gangsta? (1993) (produced by Phase)

2-Craz-It's On (1994)
(produced by Pacman)

3-Double X-Make Some Noise (1995)
(produced by Brain "BK" Coleman)

4-Eightball-What The Fuck Is The Eightball? (Gutter Remix) (1993)
(produced by Lyvio G)

5-Us Plus One-Gettin Lyrical (1995)
(produced by True Da Grynch)

6-Now Born Click-Movin (Raw Version) (1994)*
(produced by Now Born Click)

7-King Sun-Suck No Dick (1994)
(produced by Sudhama)

8-Tucka Da Huntaman-Da Hunt Is On (1995)
(produced by Tony Stoute)

9-Operation Ratification-Tray Pound God (1993)
(produced by Guru)

10-Pretty Tone Capone-Kidnapped (1992)
(produced by Money Mo$e$)

11-Raw Breed-Hard Life (1992)
(produced by Raw Breed)

12-Live Squad*-Heartless-(Full Vocal Mix Blood Drop) (1992)
(produced by Live Squad)

13-Stricktly Roots ft Grand Puba & Chill Will-Beg No Friends (Remix) (1993)
(produced by DJ Fashion & Professa Q)

14-Kapone-Who's Blowing up Far Rockaway Queens (1994)
(produced by Koors)

15-Live Wirez-Real N---z (1994)
(produced by Live Wirez)

*if anyone has this 12" for sale at around $30 USD please contact me

R.I.P. Stretch from Live Squad

Any feedback is appreciated



8ks said...

as for the live squad 12...
discogs has various entries! you should check it

Jaz said...

word thanks 8ks, hope you enjoyed the post, I did see the Live Squad 12" thanks.

Fedor said...

Thanks, great comp as usual! Many boom bap classics & personal faves... New Born Click, Eightball and Kapone are as good as it gets. The New Born Click album track is pretty cool lyrical wise. Only in the 90's, ha...

Krisch said...

Dope compilation. Didn't know that Kapone record - good stuff!

You should find the Live Squad 12" for much less than $30 USD, it's not that rare.

Jaz said...

Thank you Fedor really appreciate that, word Krisch, I have to say I am surprised that you didn't know that Kapone record and yeah fam I have the Live Squad on order :)


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