Choose your fave one from these classic LP's and Classic Yesh blog

What's good real heads?...I did a quick poll on Crackbook and Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill and Mobb Deep-The Infamous were the most chosen, so good CRDS readers, what album do you choose from this selection of 5? and why is it your fave album from the classic albums listed?

You can only choose one...go.

Also the legendary NYC MC and producer Yeshua dapoED (Dead Poets Society, Siah & Yeshua dapoED and Wee Bee Foolish) aka Yesh has a dope blog out there now...

His blog has pics, info and links related to himself and artists (Headbop etc) he has worked with back in the day and today.

Yesh told me that he will be working with the legendary Diamond D and is working on new material with Wee Bee Foolish.

You can find a solid discography of Yesh here...

Interview with Yesh at my blog soon...
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