Digging In The Tapes # 3: Katch Wreck (1992)

Ahhh 1992, definitely still one of my all time fave years and I made many tapes that year and I remember giving away a lot and making tapes for friends and that year I was doing the Wednesday Night Jam on Radio Active 89 FM playing out a lot (clubs, house parties etc) and I think I was also part of a loose (as in units lol) collective of top blokes and DJ's known as Ebony Beats, from memory it was myself, Pop Up, Apollo, Roddy (Don Luchito) and Jason Guy-Clement (Rainman)... also fat shouts to Amanda, G Tahu, Reane M, Joff, Mikki-D, Zoe, Chris, Liz, Kelly J, Tigs, Geordie and Apollo, M King, Dean, Cuffs, Hamiora, Simon, Adam and the old crew from Cuba Cuba, Ghrys and the many others I used to roll with back in those days, you know who you are ;)

I was working in a record store that year too and got that store it's first Rap section, which I was quite proud of and I got a lot of music that year (tons of promos, free albums etc), there was so much dope stuff out that year and I think this compilation from an old tape from 1992 is an indication of that, you will notice that I was a huge Hit Squad and DITC and fanatic and of everyone else on this tape.

An amusing story from this year was when I was recording an ad for a Trespass movie competition and I wanted to keep the recording and the only tape that was around was my Showbiz and AG-Soul Clap EP, so I recorded on that and the look on Jason's face said it all, I do remember saying ahhh I will get another copy it comes into the store on vinyl soon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed compiling it and having some crazy good memories from all of the tracks...more compilations to come...

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Katch Wreck (1992)

1-X-Clan-Cosmic Ark (Produced by X-Clan) 2-Das EFX-They Want EFX
(Produced by Solid Scheme)
3-Ultramagentic MC's-Funk Radio
(Produced by by Kool Keith, Moe Love & TR Love)
4-A Tribe Called Quest ft L.O.N.S. & Kid Hood-Scenario (Remix) (Produced by A Tribe Called Quest)
5-EPMD-Scratch Bring It Back Pt 2 (Mic Doc) (Produced by DJ Scratch)
6-Eric B & Rakim-Rest Assured (Produced by Eric B & Rakim)
7-Gang Starr-Soliloquy Of Chaos (Produced by DJ Premier)
8-Da Lench Mob-Who Ya Gonna Shot With That (Produced by Ice Cube)
9-Lord Finesse-Set It Off Troop (Produced by Showbiz)
10-Showbiz & AG-Soul Clap (Off Beat Mix)
(Produced by Showbiz)
11-Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Soul Brother # 1 (Produced by Pete Rock)
12-The Future Sound-The Function (Produced by The Future Sound)
13-Chubb Rock-Some O Next Shit (Produced by Chubb Rock) (and Yes that is a U2 sample ;)
14-Redman-Rated R (Produced by Erick Sermon and Redman)
15-Zhigge-Toss It Up (Produced by Salaam Remi)
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