The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 15

I am honestly getting tired of doing R.I.P. posts and 2009 has not been a good year for Hip Hop legends :( (we have sadly lost Tony D, Roc Raida and Mr Magic and let's hope that DJ Too Tuff (Tuff Crew) beats his cancer) so here is the 15th installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series to try and make things a little better,I hope you enjoy it because it's all about spreading the good music, so crank it up in your boombox/headphones/speakers.

Big thanks to Matt Nyce, stalkism
, The Big Sleep, Hawkone, Uai Rap Soul and Kryptic


the crds fat tape vol 15

1-balance & terror-represent (1992)
2-pryme tyme-brother wit soul (1993)
3-frankie cutlass ft evil tiwns-faces of death (1993)
4-kings of swing-the blunted (1993)
5-the brotherhood-mad headz (1996)
6-urbanites-rock the spot (2000)
7-get o.p.e.n. ft sadat -x-get open (1997)
8-private investigators-mash up the mic (remix) (1993)
9-rough house survivers-you got it (knobody remix) (1997)
10-q-ball & curt cazal ft exmenn-war out here (1995)
11-ill breed militia-what's an i-eleven? (1994)
12-black sheep-strobelite honey (no we didn't mix) (1991)
13-larry larr-keep on y'all (1991)
14-two kings in a cipher-movin on em (the hard one) (1990)
15-caveman-cool (remix) (1991)
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