The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 14

What's good party people?, first up, I want to send out a MASSIVE thank you to Mr Jared Freeman, he recovered all of the data from my defective hard drive and I honestly can't thank him enough, I feel really privileged to have got everything back... If you live in Wellington and need PC repairs or data recovery at very reasonable prices then don't hesitate to contact me and I will pass on his details...also a big fat shout out to Sweet Tooth for recommending him to me, thank you b.

Here is the 14th installment of the CRDS Fat Tape, more dope 90's goodies that you may or not know, in any case I hope you enjoy it, I had fun compiling this one and went through a ton of joints.

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the crds fat tape vol 14

1-aqui-check out the soound (1995)
2-main one-pauze 2 da drama (1995)
3-joint ventures-gotta give it up (1993)
4-foundation 7-love aint like this (1992)
5-jaz b lat'n-set if off (mista lawnges radio mix) (1994)
6-zhigge-rakin in the dough (uptown bounce mix) (1993)
7-juice with soul-to the uumhm (1993)
8-knowledge-put on your x (underground marley fusion mix) (1992)
9-essence don-simple (1993)
10-broadway-will to survive (1997)
11-us plus one-for all my people locked down (1994)
12-shy rock-pop blows the 9 (1995)
13-the future sound-when the end meets- (life of a futuristic b-boy) (1992)
14-mcm-straight on up (1994)
15-a tribe called quest-lyrics to go (tumblin dice remix) (1994)

Big thanks to Matt Nyce, Kevin Beacham and DJ Sav One

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