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Philadelphia's Three Times Dope aka 3XD aka DJ Woody Wood, Chuck Wood and EST were a part of the Hilltop Hustlers (Steady B, Cool C, Da Youngstas, Mentally Gifted) crew and they first cold busted on the scene in 1987 with the promo of "Increase The Peace" and the later the dope single "Greatest Man Alive", then they followed that with the classic Original Stylin album in 1988, filled to the brim with fat beats, great samples and loops (a lot of James Brown (R.I.P.) and funk and soul joints) and of course EST's unique raspy voice and flow.

Three Times Dope are probably best known for their soulful and Melvin Bliss "Synthetic Substitution" sampling (you know those drums) "Funky Dividends" joint which was released in 1989 as a single, with a number of dope remixes, but almost all of the tracks on Original Stylin could have been singles (especially "Believe Dat" and"From Da Giddy Up"), they even released a 7" of "Original Stylin' (International Airwave Groove)" b/w "Improvin Da Groovin".

They followed up the Original Stylin album with the quite good (but not as good as thier debut album) Live From Acknickilous Land album in 1990, the lead single "Weak At The Knees" was a pretty average R&B/Hip Hop joint and not the best choice for the first single, there were some decent tracks like the Chordettes (I think) sampling "Mr Sandman" (which always makes me think of a Back To The Future film)
and the ill Ohio Players "Funky Worm", other dope tracks were "No Words" (released as a 12"), "Make Dat Move", "I Aint Trying To Hear It", "I Got It", "Do You Wanna C It?","Make Ya $" (with Larry Larr) and the title track.

In 1994 they came back as 3XD and released Da Sequel EP with the album The Sequel following in (some say 1995) in 1998
, The Sequel wasn't a bad album, the key thing about Three Times Dope is that they were unique and very smooth and thanks to Etalon at Underground Hip Hop Collection Blog, I have included the link to all 3 albums, so you can check the albums, for yourself.

Original Stylin
Live From Acknickilous Land
The Sequel

Some Remixes:

Three Times Dope-Funky_Dividends_(Goin_For_Broke_Remix)

Three Times Dope-
Greatest Man Alive (After Midnight Mix)

Three Times Dope
-Improvin The Groovin (Improved and Extended)

Three Times Dope-Original Stylin (International Airwave Groove)

Three Times Dope-Greatest Man Alive (For Your Bonkey Mix)


Three Times Dope-Greatest Man Alive

Three Times Dope-Funky Dividends

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