The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 8

Yeah... I know it has been a while since the last one, but I took a little time off to take in and indulge a lot of new music as there has been some dope releases and it keeps getting better, I know I said no new music but I have a compilation done with a lot of my 2008's favourites that I think you will enjoy and I will up that very soon...alright onto the compilation, I went through my pc collection and some CD's and picked out these, some you will know, others you may not and that's the whole idea, sometimes I think of giving up this blog stint...but there are some ill cats out there, that inspire and make me want to continue on with it.Thanks

I didn't break down each track this time, because honestly there is no info out there about some of these artists/tracks and besides the music speaks for itself right?

Props to those that hooked me up with some of these and to you and you and you (clap your hands)


The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 8

1-Blaque Sperm-Jizm (1993)
2-Homeliss Derelix ft Encore-Originator (1993)
3-Scientifik ft Ed OG-As Long As You Know (1994)
4-Strugglin Souls-Betta Dayz (1992)
5-HDM-The Professional (1997)
6-Legion Of Hip Hop-No Justice, No Peace (1991)
7-Top Quality-Who Am I? (1992)
8-Da Mad Scientist-Never Fear (1994)
9-Atoms Fam-Atoms All Stars (2000)
10-Godfather Don-On The Other Side (1997)
11-Orfinz-Audio Retards (1994)
12-Grandaddy IU-Represent (Grinch and Hill Promo Remix) (1994)
13-Scaramanga-Sugar 99 (1999)
14-Roosevelt Franklin-The Line (2003)
15-Jgaboo Da Ignant-Travels (1997)

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