Jaz presents The 45 King-A Kings Creation Vol-1:UPDATE


Peace all, the response to my DJ Mark The 45 King post has been so dope and you all know I appreciate your feedback and comments especially from my fellow bloggers like Travis from Wake Up Your Daughter and Dart from Poisonous Paragraphs, we are family Gods.

The infamous, the Notorious R.O.B. (uhhhhhhh...unkut.com....uhhhhhh) has posted up his interview with DJ Mark The 45 King,plus a few mp3 goodies.


I say we should declare July as 45 King month. :D

Also, the response to this compilation and the posts has been outstanding, thanks so much to all of you.
DJ Mark The 45 King was always one of my favourites, and as promised here is the first compilation of the great man's beats.

There is no doubt that you would have heard some or all of these before, but it doesn't matter, this is more for the young kids that want to know about Hip Hop's
rich past and might not have heard of the legend, the one and only DJ Mark The 45 King. .


The 45 King on little turntables catching wreck...lol at some of the comments.

Jaz presents The 45 King-A Kings Creation Vol-1

1. chill rob g - chillin (1988)
2. queen latifah - wrath of my madness (1988)
3. grandmaster caz - a girl named kim (45 king remix)
4. mc lyte - kamikaze (1991)
5. latee - brainstorm (1987)
6. lord alibaski - top gun (1990)
7. markey fresh-the king is here-(extended version) (1988)
8. 45 king ft lakim shabazz-the red, the black, the green(1989)
9. gangstarr - knowledge (1989)
10. 45 king ft- kid capri-put the funk out (2001)
11. the original flavor unit (double j, queen latifah, apache, lord alibaski-) flavor unit assassination squad (dj mark the 45 king remix) (1990)
12. king sun- fat tape (1989)
13. double j-double j'z tantrum (1991)
14. 45 king ft diamond d- double dare (2001)
15. apache - do fa self (1993)
16. cold crush brothers - heart breakers (dj mark the 45 king remix)
17. eric b and rakim-let the rhythm hit em mark (dj mark the 45 king remix) (1990)
18. peanut butter wolf ft rasco-run the line (dj mark the 45 king remix) (1999)
19. sugar ray & stranger d - knock em out (45 king remix) (1989)
20. chill rob g- wild pitch (original 12'' version) (1988)


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